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In A Bind Jnr

In A Bind Jnr - IG Awards 2017

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United Kingdom

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Draw a card! Read it aloud! Now do what it says... Those are all the rules of the game! As the games go on you will balance cards on your body and contort yourself. You're In A Bind, but you still need to draw your next card!

In a Bind Jr takes around 15 minutes. It's best for 3-6 people but you can play with even bigger groups by combining decks and splitting into teams. Each card has an instruction. All are supremely simple alone, but the combinations are not! The goal is survival! If you can't (or forget to) follow an instruction, you get a warning. 3 strikes and you're out!

Here's what Bez had to say about In A Bind Jnr!

1. What does the game involve?

In a Bind Junior is a game about holding positions, balancing cards, and remembering to perform particular noises or actions on your turn.
On your turn, you draw a card, read it aloud and then do what is says for the rest of the game. Many of them involve balancing cards or keeping parts of your body touching. As you get more, these become increasingly difficult and will probably make you eventually lose as you struggle to pick up a card.
Some cards are about speaking slowly or making noises on your turn and these add an element of memory and are just funny!
The cards that are about performing actions on your turn are a cross between the 2 - you may struggle to clap your hands if you already have one hand on a knee and cards balanced on your arm! Seeing everyone contorted and making silly noises is always a hoot!

2. What skills can you build/gain from the game?

The game has really helped some children learn to read, as there's a fair vocabulary required. Whilst the pictures really help, the few duplicated cards and simple lettershapes help children become familiar with reading words. Reading the card out loud is one of the 3 things you must do on your turn so it's actually a strong incentive for children to learn in a fun environment.
There's also co-operative and team-based modes. When distributing cards amongst people, you will need to understand who would find a given task the easiest. Understanding how cards might combine really helps with problem solving and empathic intelligence.

3. What's your favourite tactic or are there any tricks you can teach us?

If you're feeling sore, then you can always stop playing. Please don't feel bad. It's a silly game, so children seem to feel less annoyed about losing and you get to watch others being silly, which is always good.
If you're determined to win, then spectacles help. Use your mouth to pick up cards. Another trick is to slide one to the edge of the table and then 'flip' it over.

4. Do you have any funny/heartwarming stories about a game of In A Bind Jnr?

This is a Jr adaptation of the original game & expansions, redone to be enjoyed by folk who are a bit too young to know what a pinky or 'middle finger' is. My 2 nieces were the main playtesters and one of them just wasn't interested in books or reading. She knew how to write her name - the problem was that reading just wasn't interesting to her. In this game, she was so excited to get a chance to slowly read things to her (slightly) older sister and me! Because of the turn-based nature, she never got fatigued and it was always a joy for her to tell us what she had to do.