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Alphabet Runner Games

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United Kingdom

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The creator was the winner of the Family Game Award at the UK Games Expo 2007

 Alphabet Runner Games is 3 games in 1 set of cards.

  1. Maxxras. Word game which contains 10 levels. Age 11 to 99
  2. Pairs. A memory recall game. Age 10+
  3. Snap. Popular, fast-paced card game. Age 9+

Maxxras is one of the most challenging word games in the world. Players begin at level 1 and create 3 or 4 letter words and progress to level 10 to create 15 or more letter words. Maxxras is probably the only word game in the world that allows the players the opportunity of making a 45 letter word - “pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis" whilst playing Level 10, hence a word game beyond limits. “Watch out for the wild card” The famous card games Snap and Pairs are for the younger players to enjoy and have fun with the alphabet cards.

Maxxras is for the word game fans in the family and for the players that like being challenged. It’s an ideal travel game.