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Alana's Animals

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Alana’s Animals - Every Animal Counts
Collect animals and build your farmyard. Who will earn the most apples for their animals and win the game? 
Alana’s Animals is a fast and fun card game where players take it in turn to collect animal cards that will gain them apples (VP’s) at the end of the game. The player with the most apples wins! Along the way, players can find hidden animals and card combinations that will score extra apples! 
Alana’s Animals is a powerful learning tool hidden within an engaging and addictive card game that helps children from the age of 3 develop their numeracy and problem-solving skills through play.
It’s an ideal game to play at home, in nurseries and schools.
There are rules for 3 different games included with the game and a further 3 co-operative ways to play coming shortly as a PDF available from our website
Each game has a variant that can be added that adds further gameplay elements.
Game 1 - A very simple game aimed at very young children (3 years) where the game begins with the animal cards laid out face down. Players then take turn to choose a card to turn over and add to their farmyard. During the game players are encouraged to talk about the animals they have found and compare the animals in their farmyard, such as types of animals found, their colours, do they have spots, etc.
The variation to this adds a few Reward cards, which are scored once all the animals have been ‘found'.
Game 2 - Age 3+ The animal cards are laid out face up for all players to see. The Reward cards are shuffled and 12 dealt out at random. 4 are turned face up, and laid out so all players can see them. The remaining 8 Reward cards are left face down.
The players then take turns to choose any animal card they want to add to their farm.
Once all the animals have been chosen, the face up reward cards are scored and apples awarded.
The player with the most apples is the winner.
The variation to this sees a extra Reward card revealed every round.
Game 3 - Age 4+ Best with 3 to 4 players
This game introduces and card drafting mechanic and I have happily played this with a group of 13 year olds.
Each player is dealt 6 animal cards. 12 Reward cards are dealt out on the table and 6 turn face up and laid out so all players can see them.
Players simultaneously choose one animal card to take, this is place face down in front of the player, the remaining hand of cards is passed to the player on their left.
Play continues until all animal cards have been chosen.
Players then reveal their farmyards and score the face up Reward cards and then the remaining 6 face down ones.
The variation for this game involves each player having a hidden reward card that only they can score, if they meet it’s requirements. 
The game was developed to solve a problem Dorset LEA where experiencing with children starting primary school with a lack of basic maths skills, they could recite numbers in order, but had no concept of what those number meant in terms of quantity or number magnitude.
The games helps children develop number recognition, rational counting, subitising, and an understanding of quantities and number magnitude.  
Text on the reward cards use a range of maths vocabulary, such as most, least, biggest, smallest, fewest, more than, less than and fewer. It also teaches children the concept of zero.
The game has been design to meet the EYFS Curriculum and beyond. 
Alana’s Animals is also a powerful assessment tool that can be used to gauge a child’s progress.
Many people helped us refine and tweak the game and gameplay including:
National Numeracy, Cambridge Mathematics, NRICH, as well as nursery teachers, EYFS teachers and maths tutor as well as gamers and of course children too!