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7 SPHERES® is both an illustrated scientific encyclopaedia and a card deck.

It defines our planet as 7 interconnected spheres - Cryosphere, Hydrosphere, Atmosphere, Biosphere, Lithosphere, Magnetosphere and Technosphere.

Each one of the cards features a scientific speciality, such as agronomy, microbiology, or hydroclimatology. It is based on Earth System Science Education™ and it tells us the story, geography and physics of our planet.

Several games can be played with the cards, such as happy family, snap, memory or guessing games. 7 SPHERES® is a versatile card deck which will develop children's scientific literacy and knowledge in the classroom and in your living-room.


A Classic game and one riddle game can be played with these cards. The game includes 54 cards which are grouped into 7 spheres (Hydrosphere, Cryosphere, Lithosphere, Biosphere, Atmosphere, magnetosphere, Technosphere), each with: 1 Sphere card (7 in total), 6 Speciality Cards (42 Cards in total). There are also 5 Jokers.

The Classic game involves shuffling the 42 speciality cards and giving each player 7 cards. The goal is to collect as many spheres as possible with their complete set of speciality cards. 

The remaining cards are placed in a stack and the first player will select an opponent and ask them for a particular card (e.g. ‘In the Cryosphere, I would like Glaciology’. The player can only request a card if they already have a card from that sphere. If the opponent has the requested card then they give it to the other player. If they do not have the requested card, the player picks up a card from the stack. 
If the card the player takes from the stack turn out to be the one they requested they say ‘Good catch’ and get to play again. Otherwise the game moves on to the next player on the right to take their turn.
A card given to a player can only be requested by the opponent after two further rounds.
When a player has all 6 Speciality cards for a Sphere, they place the complete set in front of them.
The game continues even when there are no more cards on the stack and the player with the most completed set of Spheres wins. 

The game can also be adapted for use with younger children. They can name the cards by their reference letter and number given at the top of each card rather than naming them fully. 

The Riddle Game uses the 42 Speciality Cards and the 7 Sphere Cards. The cards are shuffled and stacked in the middle. The first player takes the card from the top of the stack and reads its definition to the player to their right. The player will earn 5 points if they are able to guess the name of the Sphere and 15 points if they are able to guess the Speciality’s name. The first player to reach 100 points wins.


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