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20 Dreams

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United Kingdom

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20 Dreams – The card game of epic adventures, crazy cliffhangers and emotional rollercoasters! Can you tell a story that reveals an emotion through an imaginary dream? That’s the 20 Dreams challenge.

The dream can be as weird and wacky as you like and our colourful cards will help stimulate your creativity. Just make sure you include the 3 picture cards in your dream to express the emotion so that the other players are able to guess how you are feeling.

Win points when other players guess your emotion correctly. Players that get your emotion wrong will build up penalty points. You will need to be skilled at both reflecting and recognising an emotion to win. Our game will put your emotional skills to the test, whilst providing endless entertainment with hilarious outcomes.

Play collaboratively as a 2-player game or competitively with 3+ players. There are 200 cards in the pack, with 60 picture cards and 7 packs of 20 emotion cards. 20 Dreams is a game to be enjoyed by anyone, anytime, anywhere.