Wren Games


Wren Games is a British wife and husband team. We fit in game design around our young daughters Amelie and Sammie, work and of course playing (and painting) tabletop games. We also love walking and travelling, although we don't stray as far away from home now that we have two little people.

We are also both avid sci-fi fans. During our ‘boring’ hours, Stu is an ex-physics teacher turned software engineer and Janice is a physicist/engineer who helps bring new technology products to life.

We first started designing games over 2 years ago when Janice was on maternity leave with our eldest daughter, Amelie. When our newest arrival, Sammie, was born, we decided it was time to publish something.

Assembly is our first published game, which became a reality as a result of our Kickstarter backers. We’re now working on a follow-up game to Assembly called Sensor Ghosts as well as 2 new expansions for Assembly.