Roxley Games


Roxley is here to dominate the world through board games that are innovative, addictive, beautiful, robust, polished, and replayable. Their titles Super Motherload, Steampunk Rally, and Santorini have won the Canadian Game Design of the Year award, the international Ciutat de Granollers award, multiple Dice Tower Seals of Excellence, and have crowdfunded over a million dollars since 2015. Upcoming projects include the new edition of legendary designer Martin Wallace’ classic economic game Brass, and its all-new sister game Brass: Birmingham; Sails to Steam by Matt Tolman; expansions for existing Roxley titles and much more.

Roxley works to provide thorough game reviews and descriptive videos in advance of crowdfunding. Their Kickstarters have been praised as having a sense of community, with interactive contribution, detailed updates, timeliness, and proven accountability. In order to keep their games retailer-friendly, Roxley does not use exclusive content to drive crowdfunding.

Roxley is based in Calgary, Alberta, where Director Gavan Brown leads a core team featuring some of Canada’s best designers, developers, graphic and visual artists, video professionals, and gaming ambassadors.