Room 17 Games


Room 17 is a small games design studio in Nottingham UK. The company is pretty new but between us we have decades of experience in the gaming industry (at, or for, Games Workshop, Galeforce 9 and Fantasy Flight Games). We all left our 'steady' jobs for the chance to create games we'd love to play ourselves, and hopefully build something really special!

We love to find new talent, so we’ve recruited some amazing young graphic designers and artists, and most importantly discovered some incredible new rules writers including Sam Mercer and Matt Green. These guys came up with the concept for Flicky Spaceships at UK Expo a few years ago (winning an award in the process), and have been honing it to perfection ever since!

At present, the team is composed of:

  • Ricard Fortun – Managing Director and Business Opportunities
  • Graham Davey – Creative Director and Rules Editor
  • Anka Sep – Lead Graphic Designer
  • Andres Martinez – Lead Illustrator
  • Anders Johansson – Operations and Production Manager
  • Kev Brett – Social Media and Graphic Designer Support
  • Mary Safro – Illustrator and Concept artist