Ravensburger UK


Without a doubt, the Ravensburger story is characterized by the principles of Otto Maier. Inspired by the development of educational reforms during his time, in 1883 he founded a publishing house in Ravensburg.

His goal: to combine entertainment and education. His motto: learning by doing. His quality standard: nothing but the best. The initial product range includes presentation folders for craftspeople, educational and family games, how-to books and children's stories. After 1900 picture books, activity games and instructions for model construction and amateur art are added to the product range. By 1925, the year of Otto Maier's death, more than 1000 publishing products have been released.

Ravensburger launches a whole series of new games and receives numerous prizes and awards. 1981 “Enchanted Forest” is presented and wins “Game of the Year” in 1982. This award is also received by “Scotland Yard” in 1983 and “Top Secret Spies” in 1986. In 1986 “Labyrinth” is released and advances to become a classic in the Ravensburger game portfolio.