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Jason Lake


Qwizzle games was the brainchild of Jason Lake. A teaching professional who has worked in a range of education settings.

As Jason says, "Over the years, as a teacher and developer, I became frustrated at the lack of variety in learning materials. This prompted me to start devising and using puzzles which covered specific subjects. I found that students not only retained the required information more effectively, they also found the puzzles fun and engaging”. It was Jason's background which gave him the inspiration for Qwizzle. Today, Qwizzle games offer a wide-ranging selection of teaching aids which have been specifically developed to support areas of the National Curriculum.

Covering a diverse range of subjects, such as addition, subtraction, times tables, reading the time, and many more.

Designed to introduce both visual and tactile elements into the learning environment, benefitting a diverse range of learner types. They are effectively impossible to complete without the required level of knowledge, as a result of the many different permutations.

The new Qwizzle games also use a special font developed in partnership with children, literacy advisors, teachers of special educational needs (such as dyslexia) and primary-school teachers. This ensures that a diverse range of learners, including those with special educational needs can use the puzzles.

Qwizzle games are perfect for collaborative learning in small groups and provide a dynamic stimulus for children to share their ideas. They provide access to learners’ knowledge so that you can make assessment judgements based on the accuracy and completeness of the matches they make. This simple framework is therefore helpful for identifying uncertainties and misconceptions.

Qwizzle is a really great way for reviewing and consolidating learning, boosting revision and helping children to really build on what they know and do something positive about what they don’t.