Lord of the Chords LLP


Thousands of people believe music theory to be useful, but find it horribly boring to learn. 

Jon, the co-founder of Lord of the Chords, was no different. While learning music theory for his violin exams, he was so bored, he once fell asleep in a one-on-one music theory lesson! Years later, when he picked up jazz guitar, he realised how useful and fun music theory is.

Together with fellow co-founders Jun Yu, a game designer, and Keith, a product designer, they created a music theory card game that would teach people music theory in a fun way - from the get-go.

Unsure about the demand for such a geeky game, they took their product to Kickstarter, where it met its funding goal of $10,000 USD in 1 hour, and ended up raising $ 232,323 USD in just 35 days, from 3800 backers!