Legend Express LTD


Legend Express is made up of 5 people. We are close friends from childhood and grew up on video games and board games spending countless nights locked in competitive battles and friendly banter with no real responsibilities other than buying the next hot game before it became sold out.

Now well into adulthood (and a few receding hair lines for good measure) we remain friends and although all of us followed different career paths (Michael and Zubi are Dr's, Saad being a Lawyer but now makes games at Miniclip.com and Myself and Dilwar, teachers) we decided to professionalise our hobby by starting a company which makes boardgames.

Its been a great experience thus far and with Burger Boss being our second released game, we have learnt a lot already. We have 2 more games due to be released for Essen 2016 one of which is a collaboration with an Industry Legend.

We are entirely self funded and chose not to kick-start our projects. We very much believe in creating family focused, fun games that will excite both the seasoned veteran as well as the newbie boardgamer.

Our passion is getting more people involved in board games. I even take our games into schools and my students are always first to try out our prototypes! Those we work with on our projects are up and coming artists, game designers and gamers. We want to give people a voice to express their talents and if we can do it in a small way then we are thankful for that.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share Burger Boss with more people.