HABA – Your children’s inventors

Lighting up children’s eyes is what HABA has been all about for over 80 years. Our designers, and editors of games and books take great pride in meticulously and creatively designing, testing and playtesting until the final product is just right for your children’s needs. This meticulous attention to detail is precisely what has enabled us to produce over 450 high-quality, uniquely designed new products with excellent play value year after year. Our goal is to make children’s lives happier and more exciting every step of the way. And right from the very beginning!

At HABA, we not only attach great importance to design, quality and safety but also set ourselves ambitious educational standards. Our products encourage children in their development from the very early years onwards via the medium of play and in ways that are appropriate to their age. And regardless of whether a product has been designed to develop fine motor skills, powers of concentration, language and social skills or to stimulate imagination and creativity, HABA products always have one thing in common – they are lots of fun.   

Winning is fun, losing not so much. But both belong together – in life and in play. Playing is fun and offers variety. Playing teaches patience. Playing lets us be happy for other players and learn to get over our own defeats. Playing also incidentally and unconsciously trains concentration, memory, reaction skills and lots more. Everyone who plays has the chance to win – in every new round of the game or in life in general.