Founded in 1919, Gibsons have been entertaining generations for almost a century and are proud of their rich, British heritage. Gibsons’ focus is on providing fun family pastimes for all ages which is achieved by using only the highest quality materials for their superb jigsaw puzzles and board games.

2019 marked 100 years since our founder, Harry Percy Gibson formed H. P. Gibson & Sons Limited.  Now into our fourth generation with Harry’s great-granddaughter at the helm, we are proud of our British heritage and are still providing fun family pastimes for all ages.
Our team and product offering have grown a lot over the last ten decades, however our values remain the same. ‘Bringing people together’ underpins everything we do: from encouraging people to play games, and creating a happy working culture, to supporting a local children’s charity and valuing the relationships with our suppliers and customers.

221b Baker Street, Pass the Bomb and Diplomacy are just some of the captivating games Gibsons manufacture, as well as best-selling jigsaw puzzles that have been designed by talented artists from around the world, including Marcello Corti, Mike Jupp, Linda Jane Smith and Steve Crisp. Gibsons’ 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles are 2.3mm deep, making them the thickest jigsaw puzzle pieces available on the UK market.

From traditional 1000 piece puzzles to game classics such as Chess, Draughts and Shut the Box, family favourites such as Mind the Gap and Wembley, and eye-catching licensed gift puzzles, Gibsons produce a variety of entertaining games that can be enjoyed by all!