Formal Ferret Games


My name is Gil Hova, and I've been designing games for a couple of decades. My first published game, Prolix, was released in 2010, and I've been getting games into people's hands ever since. In 2014, I founded Formal Ferret Games as my publishing outlet so I could have full creative control over my game designs.
When I design games, I try to balance engaging and replayable gameplay with an attractive, accessible approach and modern settings. My games usually feature a splash of humor, and you can usually teach them to a wide range of people without too much trouble. I try to make sure players feel smart playing my games, and that they can't make other players too miserable in the process.
Why Formal Ferret? I've owned various ferrets since I was a teenager; they're my favorite animals in the world. The "formal" part is because I like seeing ferrets wearing bowties and hats.
In Wordsy, I wanted to make a word game that rewarded longer words. I've never liked seeing 2- and 3-letter words dominate other word games. I wanted a word game that let you deploy an enormous word, and make the table ooh and aah.
Wordsy is a re-implementation of my first published game, Prolix. Its rules are significantly different, featuring streamlined gameplay (it takes half as long to play) and much easier-to-understand rules.