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A couple years ago, Elan Lee (then at Microsoft) noticed that his nieces and nephews, who often came over and played Halo, never talked or laughed despite sitting right next to each other. “It started to feel like this very lonely experience,” he shares. “I started to feel responsible for that, because I was the one who put those pixels on the screen."
Thus came the seed for Exploding Kittens! Lee teamed up with Shane Small to create a good old-fashioned card game, which they then shared with Matt Inman of The Oatmeal. Inman came onboard and helped re-theme and illustrate the cards with his iconic style. 
In 2015, the three of them launched a Kickstarter with a goal to earn just enough to produce the first five hundred decks - $10,000. They earned 8.9 million! To this day Exploding Kittens remains the most backed project on Kickstarter, and Elan Lee and Matt Inman are as busy as ever brainstorming new ways to wrangle people away from pixels and around a good ol’ dining table.