Eagle-Gryphon Games


Eagle-Gryphon Games Encourages Everyone to Play and Learn Together!

Playing board games as a family or with friends is FUN and beneficial!  It’s an easy way to strengthen relationships and provide time for communication while indirectly learning life skills.  Eagle-Gryphon Games always places special emphasis on life-long learning.   As educators, we know the many advantages of playing board games and we strive to select and develop games that will promote learning as a bi-product of play. 

The production excellence of our games is evidenced in reviews and awards from Mensa, Creative Child, Scholastic Magazine, Major Fun, Games Magazine and through recognition from Game Designers and Guilds.

Our Gryphon Games’ designs are geared to multi-generational game play with quick and easy-to -grasp rules and playing times of 15-45 minutes. The Eagle Games line targets ages 12 and up featuring many historical and train themed games with playing times of 90 to 120+ minutes.  These productions include lots of great component “bits”.  All of our games encourage flexible and creative thinking as well as communication.

A popular Gryphon line is the continually expanding Bookshelf Series, with the addition of #16, Musee, a beautiful card game of art collection.  This Series contains multiple award-winning, ever-green titles like Incan Gold and For Sale

Other popular Gryphon titles include the 2011 Mensa Select winner, Pastiche, an elegant art game where players choose and recreate famous painting commissions by mixing primary colors through clever tile placement.  It is now available as Petite Pastiche as well (same game, streamlined production and lower price).   A current favorite is Cubist, where players must use their dice as building blocks to construct buildings!

Our Party game of Pick-a-PIG won the 2013 Creative Child Award for Party Game of the Year!  It was also selected as a “Recommended by Mensa” title at Mind Games 2013.  It’s a quick, active recognition game for any play group of up to 8. 

Everyone loves a “push-your-luck” game and Cheeky Monkey, winner of Creative Child Award’s Game of the Year for 2013 and the perennial favorite of Can’t Stop by Sid Sackson both fill that niche perfectly.

The very popular Eagle line of games brings you Railways of the World and Age of Steam train games with expansions and also features the Defenders of the Realm series by Richard Launius. We are very excited about our soon- to-be-released deluxe version of Empires:  Age of Discovery by Glenn Drover!

We have games for everyone so please visit our websites for more details and to further explore both the Eagle & Gryphon line-ups of terrific titles.

Live, Learn and Laugh with games…a great way to go!