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Zachary Thammavongsy


In a time when there are a variety of ways for students to learn about science, we aim to encourage students to enjoy the subject first. Our mission at d-Orbital Games is to produce educational card games that are fun and engaging for students, teachers and parents. We believe that when a student has fun learning, no matter how difficult the task, it only bolsters their ability to absorb and grow as science scholars. We hope you enjoy playing our games!

Zach Thammavongsy is the founder of d-Orbital Games. He is a Ph.D candidate in chemistry and a pedagogical fellow at the University of California, Irvine. Zach’s dream is to spread the joy of chemistry through card and board games to students at all levels of education. Through his games, he enjoys breaking down complex problems into easily digestible concepts. He and his coworkers started d-Orbital Games to prove to students that chemistry can be fun and easy to learn! In only one year, d-Orbital Games tackled several chemistry topics (periodic table symbols, proton NMR spectroscopy, and counting valence electrons). All games are college level chemistry topics but have been simplified down for all ages to quickly learn and scientifically master.  

The first game synthesized by d-Orbital Games is called “SeArCH” which introduces students to the elemental symbols of the periodic table. This game has been play-tested from middle school to college students and have been revered by professors and parents. Students can quickly pick up “SeArCH” and start discovering the world of the periodic table of the elements. A periodic table flash card game that can be played alone or with friends!