Burley Games


Unique, Innovative, Award Winning Games ​Games enthusiast Peter Burley, together with his son Jonathan, have created a series of innovative games that are now sold in large quantities throughout the world.

The company invents, designs, manufactures and distributes these award-winning products, which are unique, addictive, educational and fun! Key titles are "Take it Easy" and "Kamisado", both of which are multi-award winning games. They have both received nominations for "Spiel des Jahres" (Game of the Year) in Germany. More recently, we have started importing and distributing games sourced from other European games companies.

All these products will soon be available via an updated (totally revamped) version of our website, which will be launched before the end of May. Later this year, we are planning to publish a dice-drafting game called "Rolling Bears", via a Kickstarter project. We are hoping that this will be a major success!

High Replay Value and Depth of Strategy...  ​Our products are of high quality and are a result of many hours of careful design. Each game offers high replay value and the games are easy to learn, whilst providing enough variety and depth of strategy to keep everyone interested and keen to play more!