Brain Games Publishing


It all started back in 2004 when a group of friends, who loved board games, took on the task to reinvigorate the culture of board games in the Baltic states. First came localizing well known games for the local culture — then bringing in new games — and now Brain Games Publishing is an award winning, respected developer/publisher of games in Europe.

Brain Games prides itself creating games which are fun but also offer an opportunity to develop skills not only for the young but everyone who plays. Patience, strategic thinking, interpreting, and team building are only a few of the skills players develop with our amazing line of games. By organizing local events and tournaments we encourage people of all ages and cultures to learn to play again.

Brain Games Publishing works with talent from around the world to bring new exciting games to the market. We encourage, develop and support gamers in development of games which meet our standard and requirement of gaming standards.

ICECOOL is our most well known game which continues to develop with ICECOOL2 being launched in fall 2018.