Hello, my name is Grace. I am incredibly passionate about helping children fall in love with Mathematics. I work with parents with children mainly aged 6 to 13, and help them be able to confidently and effectively support their children with maths.
I studied a BSc Computing degree, in which I orchestrated a 1st Class Honours result, just through choosing the most maths-like units wherever there was a choice. I then worked in Investment banks for 8 years as a programmer. My MSc was in Financial Markets.  I have won a couple of awards, including two Women National Awards. 
Years ago I volunteered and was selected to join with Sir John Cass Foundation to help school children  struggling with Maths as a volunteer. Within just a couple of months we saw remarkable feedback in the children's results and their new attitude towards maths. I also helped my University in the peer support programme to support my fellow Students not doing so well with Maths. So for a long time, I have loved just supporting adults and children to get comfortable with Mathematics. 
I am a speaker for Inspiring the Future - a not-for-profit company, and a National Numeracy Champion. 
I am the Vice Chair of a Primary School’s Board of Governors, the Chair of their Finance Committee and Governor in charge of the School’s Creative Curriculum. I am also a Trustee on one of the Boards of a Central London University. 
I have been in the maths games arena and Education Industry for close to 20 years. 
Through my experience, I've realised there are three key problems. 
1. Many children hate Maths, don't see the point in doing it, or find it a boring chore. 
2. Don't believe they can get good at it. Usually because they've been inadvertently told that by a parent or a teacher. 
3. Do not have effective, creative, fun methods of doing maths.
Sadly, many children experience low self-esteem and low self-confidence as a result, which can affect their life and future; and can easily lead on to Mathematical Anxiety. 
Many parents are afraid of maths themselves and don't know how to help their children. The world is a lot more competitive and demanding now, and this generation are finding it harder to do well or get good jobs without maths. 
Also, Government statistics show that half the adults in the UK have numeracy levels no greater than that of an 11-year old. This is costing our economy £20 billion a year. We are all paying for this. 
The key is to catch them young. To solve these problems,  I have created a programme incorporating the notion of play learning. This program motivates children to do maths with stress free, creative, fun and stimulating methods. At the CORE of it, is the Race To Infinity game that I created t bring fun to maths and reduce maths anxiety, alongside my online hub, the book I authored titled “Make Maths Fun”, stories, workshops, consultations, and maths shortcuts videos. 
I created the Race To Infinity game because I wanted to create a game that would be different, with true replay-ability and deep play value. I wanted to create one that would bring children to want to come back and play it over and over again. 
Our Race To Infinity maths game is making a difference to how children, and even parents view maths, making children happier, parents worry less and teachers’ jobs easier.
We have already sold over 3,500 copies of Race To Infinity in just over a year and 3 months, since we launched in December 2016. 
This game is now selling in 10 different countries all over the world.
We have recently been approached by Amazon and we’ve been asked to partner with them, and for Amazon to become a full-time distributor of our Race To Infinity game. 
Doing well in maths when I was 10 yrs through my dad's encouragement and winning the end-of-year school prizes gave me great belief and confidence, and brought offers my way that I could otherwise only have dreamt of.
I believe every child and everyone can improve their maths skills.  I also believe that talent is overrated - there is no such thing as a "Maths person". Maths is simply a skill, and any skill just needs practise to get good at it.
My mission is to turn maths into a game that every child would love to play time and time again. I want to make a difference to the society and impact children globally just as I have done with my children who have become excellent at maths. 
Our Race To Infinity game has gotten numerous fantastic, testimonials and endorsements from parents, children, head teachers, large education organisations, and maths co-ordinators.
A Director from the national large tuition centre Explore Learning Centre said: "Children were actually queuing up to play the game and kept coming back to ask for it."
Another parent said: “Roy Vella said: 


“With three kids 8-11 years old, mathematics is a huge topic in our house and my kids and I love Race To Infinity. It’s a fantastic game that lets us play with mathematics while also having a lot of fun and competing against one another while practising all of our functions on numbers and we really like it and enjoy it a lot... 


It’s always a challenge to make mathematics fun for children such that they can practice and get engaged with mathematics in a way that keeps their attention and keeps them entertained. 


And frankly I’ve not seen anything that compares to Race To Infinity to make that happen. It’s a wonderful game that my kids ask me to play and they don’t even realise that they are practising their multiplication tables and their division over time. I highly recommend the game to anyone that is trying to make mathematics easy and/or fun to practise and learn. Good luck.” - Roy Vella, Parent & School Governor for Numeracy 

We are now looking to get into retail stores,   Schools, Not-For-Profit Companies, Charities and Government organisations.
"Maths teaches resilience and sparks curiosity, the ripple effect of which includes a positive mental attitude, cognitive development and numerous life skills that create a fulfilling career and life."
I use Maths to cultivate self confidence, self-esteem and self-worth, and encourage the raising of children with bright options for the future. 
This is not just about Maths, it's about creating more brilliant options opportunities for a successful future. 
My name is Grace, and I'm addicted to helping children fall in love with Maths. 

Race To Infinity is now available internationally, in 10 different countries in Europe, USA & North America and Australia. 


- Our first fun Maths Board Game, Race To Infinity is on Amazon and has been recently published by UK’s The School Run as one of the best maths board games for children.

- Amazon has just invited BeGenio to be a partner and Amazon themselves have just become a distributor for our Race To Infinity game.

- We recently won the Best Homeschool Curriculum & Resources Award 


This game has been endorsed by top educational professionals, maths celebrities and top educational organisations internationally including: 

  • NATIONAL NUMERACY (for their Family Maths Toolkit) -
  • Tower Hamlets Education BP (Number Partners) -
  • Explore Learning Tuition Centre (who have 120 centres in UK and USA).
  • Dr Chris Imafidon (Adviser to Govt & Monarchs, Dubbed BBC and Sky News’ Father of Britain’s Brainiest Family)
  • The Good Guide and Dr Amanda Gummer of Fundamentally Children
  • London Borough of Wandsworth’s Maths Lead and Maths Co-ordinator
  • The School Run – Race To Infinity was selected in their List of Best Maths Games for Children.
·         Several other VIPs in the Education and Finance Industry in the UK and abroad. 
In Africa, this game has also been endorsed by numerous VIPs in Education and won an award from a Governor of a State

As a great summary, our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign has a video that gives a good summary and is at:


At BeGenio - Easy Maths Skills, we have developed a new, exciting, fun Maths Board Game, fun maths programmes and workshops that help children love Maths, build confidence, enjoy maths more, increase their proficiency in maths and reduce mathematical anxiety. Our mission is to turn maths into a game that every child will love to play every time. 


This game, Race To Infinity was developed to combat the problems that we see affecting children and parents where Maths is concerned. We've been in this arena of maths games for kids since 1997 and the 3 most common problems we found are that many children: 

1. Hate Maths, don't see the point in doing it, or find it a boring chore. 

2. Don't believe they can get good at it. (Usually because they've been inadvertently told that by a parent or a teacher). 

3. Do not have effective, creative, fun methods of doing maths at school and at home.


Sadly, many children experience low self-esteem and low self-confidence as a result, which can affect their life and future.


The bigger problem is that many parents are afraid of maths themselves and don't know how to help their children. Teachers also don't have the effective resources they need to help children master maths in a fun, easy way. 


We created this board game to solve these problems, where teachers/parents and children will be able to play together without stress, pain or struggle. Teachers and parents can now help their children effectively and make a positive difference in their children's lives, without the fear of not knowing enough maths or the fear of confusing the child with old methods.


Benefits of this board game are summarised below: 

- truly fun

- very engaging

- very entertaining

- children learn and improve their maths skills without realising they are learning

- develops analytical skills

- develops decision making skills

- develops critical thinking skills

- develops creative thinking skills

- develops logic

- develops social skills and interaction skills 

- extensible to make the game harder or easier 

- covers the most fundamental parts of the curriculum, including the multiplication Timestable and the other three operations.

- has time-telling expansion decks

- has maths tricks and shortcuts expansion decks that make calculations lightning-fast for children. 


Our board game was specifically designed in such a way that when children are using it they think are playing, but not realising they are actually learning. 


We have conducted over 260 demonstrations in schools, tuition centres and homes in the UK with tremendous results; and have over 400 fantastic testimonials from teachers, parents children, head teachers, heads of Maths/Maths co-ordinators and parents. We have also tested this game in a Special Needs school with autistic children and they were very engaged in the game for 40 minutes solid.   


The game was recently adopted by the Maths Lead in the London Borough of Wandsworth for their schools tournament in August 2017, after testing successful with Wandsworth school teachers.


Race To Infinity is different from other games. 

The main differences between the Race To Infinity™ game and others are: 

1. Excellent, true replayability value that keeps children coming back to want to play over and over again, hence perfectly disguising that they are learning maths and practising and developing all the time.

2. Expandable to include more mental maths, mental tricks and any other set of cards to teach anything and any other subject or topic; even if on the fly.

3. Older and younger children, maths-lovers and maths-phobics struggling with maths, and adults and young children can play together, without any groups or players feeling left out.

4. Two different Levels – Level 1 and Level 2

5. It’s not just a maths game; it was specifically designed to also teach and develop strategy, decision-making, problem-solving, logic, analytical thinking, deductive reasoning, critical thinking, creative thinking skills and related crucial life skills.

With the Race To Infinity game, the element of surprise built in means that anything can happen!

As an added bonus, we also have a special method around using games to increase maths confidence and have been part of a charity who has been doing this successfully for over 20 years. We strongly believe every child should have this game to promote stress-free methods to help increase their grades and maths confidence. 

Our founder, Grace, who is the Vice Chair of the Board of Governors of a UK Primary School, and a Director and Trustee for a Central London University's SU Board has also recently been commissioned by the Number Partners Charity (part of Tower Hamlets' London Borough's Education Business Partnership) to roll out this tried and tested, successful not-for-profit Programme out across schools in the district of Essex, England. This has now been set up successfully. We have several written and video testimonials about how pupils' became more confident using this programme, from various schools in the UK. 


We are keen to help raise proficiency levels amongst children and across schools globally


Please also find included below some details about the game on our websites - &

A recent feature in the UK Essex paper, The Echo is attached in an image below.

Another couple of very recent ones are at:



Our game was demo'ed by the UK Toy Fair TV: at UK Toy Fair 2016. 


Recently in February 2017, we were featured in the Toy News UK:  (Page 24)


It has also been accepted by the Good Toy Guide. The Good Toy Guide is a major Toy & Game testing and accreditation company in UK. The game passed really well. The Good Toy Guide suggested some tweaks which have been included in the new games, including expanding the Race To Infinity game to have two levels; thereby changing the age range to include 6 years.


Here's the link to a short video on one of the case studies we carried out in the UK with a Head teacher and teacher in a school, showing kids having fun playing the game in their maths class in the UK (We have 

more videos):


We conduct demonstrations in schools. We are going to roll this game out globally, including our online courses and LIVE workshops for parents, children and teachers.


We look forward to hearing from you soon and have attached some more information and added some great testimonial links below.


We have also been endorsed by UK's National Numeracy organisation, the Maths Celebrity Prof Chris Imafidon dubbed by UK media as the Father of Britain's brainiest family, Explore Learning Centre who has over a 100 tuition centres in the UK and abroad, Number Partners (part of Tower Hamlets Education BP) and the reputable accreditation Toy & Games company, the Good Toy Guide.



Warm regards, 

Grace E Olugbodi





1. (Maths teachers having fun playing the Race To Infinity game)


2. (from a UK Yr5 teacher and Secretary of Real Education Campaign)


3. (Head of all maths teachers in London Council of Wandsworth)


4. (A Lead Maths teacher) 


5. (A maths co-ordinator


6. (Maths teacher)


7. (Another Maths teacher) 


8. (Dr Chris Imafidon, BBC & Sky TV's Father of Britain's brainiest family)


9. (Year 5 teacher - Aisling Berry) 


10. (Explore :Learning Tutors play Race To Infinity)


11. (Explore Learning Assistant Director)


12. (Explore Learning Director talking about the link between Race To Infinity and the National Curriculum)















 20. My speech that I delivered last month at Barclays. Barclays had invited me as a speaker for the event they put on for International Women’s Day: