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Dr Graeme Fraser-Bell


Accentuate Games Ltd was formed in July 2014 by the Sibling inventors Graeme & Fiona Fraser-Bell and has been run and owned by the Graeme, his Sister and his Wife Daphne ever since its launch.

In July 2015 the duo appeared on BBC2’s Dragons Den, showcasing their Hilarious-Guess-The-Accent-Game :  Accentuate, and secured investment from Peter Jones. The company is Peter’s most successful games investment to date.

Dr. Graeme Fraser-Bell is the inventor of FReNeTiC – The Frenzied word game of the Elements. Whilst on holiday in October 2017 I was drafting out ideas for a word game but as a former Scientist, I couldn’t find the ideal platform on which to base it on. It then struck me that your School life stays with you all your life, I thought about the Periodic table and the 118 elements that its composed of and after a quick search, realised there were > 10,000 words that could be created from the different combinations of these Element symbols.

The platform had been identified but then how to score and how to create robust game-play. That afternoon I settled on a scoring system using the Atomic Number of the elements making up the word and crafted game-play around the central theme.

The game was showcased at ToyFair, Olympia in January, 2018, with John Lewis & Partners securing an immediate exclusive until September 2018. Since launch in May 2018 FReNeTiC has gone on to win The Silver Medal for the Best Board game from The Independent Toy Shop Awards, secured  ‘Recommended’ status by the Good Toy Guide and secured coverage from The Telegraph for the ‘Top 10 New Family Board Games for Christmas’ in December.

It is such an honour and a pleasure to be able to invent, design and launch a game, that wins Awards but most of all brings fun, engagement, challenge and ultimately enjoyment to thousands of people. I feel especially proud as FReNeTiC® leverages off of my Doctorate in Chemistry and its first full year of availability in 2019 just happens to be the 150th anniversary celebrations of the discovery of Periodicity by Dimitry Mendeleev.