This Year's Games

Here they are… all the games in this year’s awards so far.
Submissions are now coming in and we will be continuing to add games here and highlighting them specifically on our social media profiles throughout the year.

It's another big list of games for the judges to work through, but I'm sure they will have lot's of fun doing so.

Remember, all of the games you see here will be coming with us to UK Games Expo at the end of July in Birmingham for you to play in our magnificent Family Zone, and we hope to see you there trying them out!

Most of the games here are new to Imagination Gaming this year and have been sent to us from all over the world. Some may seem more familiar and have been put forward as contenders for categories that recognise more established games… either way, have fun finding something that interests you! You will see plenty more about these games and everything awards based on our social media and blog pages so don’t hesitate to follow the latest news there and tell us what you think of what you see.

When all the entrants to this years competition have been added you will be able to see which games have been submitted and shortlisted in this specific award category.
You will also be able to see the eventual winners of course... but all in good time!