IG Awards Submitting Your Game

Are you a games designer, publisher or distributor with some great games to shout about?

Well here’s your chance… but only until end of June 2021!

Below you will find everything you need to know about submitting your games for this year's Imagination Gaming Family & Education Game Awards, and why it could be just the thing for you...

This is a chance for your games to gain more exposure with a wider community of players and industry onlookers, and for great games to get the recognition they deserve. After the fantastic success of previous IG Game Awards, it's time to find more new games from around the world to celebrate and for us to help bring them to a wider audience.

We are now compiling nominations for each category, and are including games from two main sources:

  • Submissions from games manufacturers and distributers worldwide.

  • Nominated games from our Imagination Gaming Games Club Days and Activity Workshops.


Why Submit A Game?


We accept entries without bias or prejudice from individuals and companies large and small.

  • Every game we receive will be recognised and reviewed for the Awards process. Obviously!

  • Games will be featured throughout the process on our facebook page, in our twitter posts and on our website, all of which are followed by games companies and distributors as well as game players of all interests.

  • All games will immediately be looked at for potential inclusion for use in our daily schools, libraries, events and community groups work nationwide! This is what we do full time and is the best exposure to the general public your game could wish for.

  • Any games that we can see massive potential for for our work in schools will go on our list of games to show to and discuss with the large game publishers and distributors that we work with as appropriate. 

  • Exposure AND demonstration at the UK's largest annual Games Expo. We will be taking every submitted game to our massive Family Zone at this year's UK Games Expo at the beginning of June. Everyone exhibiting at and visiting Expo - designers, manufacturers, distributors and 1000's of games enthusiasts will be able to have those games demonstrated by one of our superb team, as well as then vote for those games shortlisted in the Imagination Gaming, UK Games Expo Players Choice Award.

  • Early birds who get their games into us before the beginning of March 2019 will have their game taken with us to the family zone at Airecon Games Convention for a sneak peak showing and to other major national gaming conventions.

  • Best of all… it's FREE! We do not charge any kind of fee or commission, we just require a small quantity of each game to be submitted and anything you have to help us promote it.

We are currently cataloguing the entries we have already received for this year's awards, you will be able to see all of those and any you send very soon.


What We Need From You

In order to judge and run the awards, we need your games! Unlike other award processes we do not charge for entry, but we do need to fund the process somehow... so...

As in previous years, instead of a costly fee, we ask all entrants to provide a small quantity of SIX of each game entered. This approach has been met with much approval and made the awards much more accessible to games-makers world-wide. This provides us with some copies for our senior team to take out and about with them to use in schools and at events, a demonstration copy for judging, and a small amount of stock to take to UK Games Expo.*

This serves 4 main purposes:

  • The ability to provide each of our senior consultants with a copy to demonstrate, play and use in their work with schools, children and families nationwide. 
  • The chance to create a truly unique selection of games in the Family Zone at this year's UK Games Expo (and at Airecon if they are submitted early enough).  There we will play, demonstrate, and sell your games to the thousands of visitors the zone attracts and further create even more publicity for your game in front of UK games media, enthusiasts, distributors and the industry as a whole.
  • To allow us to fully play a copy of the game to be able to provide you with a brief amount of feedback from the senior consultants who have over 50 years combined experience with using games to educate, inspire and challenge children.
  • To support the costs of the management and judging of the awards and the cost of running the Family Zone activities at UK Games Expo and other large events which are all funded solely by Imagination Gaming.

We are confident that you would agree that this is mutually beneficial and will provide an extra level of exposure of your games to a wider audience. The games you can send in this manner will be greatly appreciated and crucial to support the process. For most, the cost to supply six games would be a fraction of any other competition entry fee and the sale of a couple of these games will help in a small way to support our efforts this year.

*We are aware that providing stock may be difficult in certain situations, such as newly developed games or limited runs for non-published games. We would still like to see those games so do contact us and we can discuss options, we could be just the platform you need!


YOU need to:

If you would like to submit any game(s) for consideration for any of the awards and to have your game seen and played at the UK Games Expo, here's what to do...

  • Email Us.

Please notify us of any intended submissions or enquiries at awards@imaginationgaming.co.uk Once we know you are intending to submit games we will send a confirmation email with details of the information we need and how to send it to us.

  • Send Us Your Games... as early as possible!

Complete details for this process will be included in your confirmation email.  All games should be sent to the following address: (all games received will be acknowledged by email)


Imagination Gaming

193 Park Road


South Yorkshire

S70 1QW

United Kingdom

The CLOSING DATE for receiving this year's entries is end of JUNE 2021.

All games should be received by us before, or on that date, but please get them to us as soon as you can, however with the current COVID situation we will be flexible. We will start looking at and promoting games as soon as they arrive and even though all games will be equally available to the judges after the above date, the quicker we get them the more chance we have to get to know them and spread the word!

Then WE will:

  • Assemble and playtest ALL submitted games and publicise them. All games that meet our high standard for inclusion in our work with children and families will be awarded our Imagination Gaming Seal of Approval and will receive a brief amount of feedback from the senior consultants on the game.

  • Finalise the shortlists for all categories and publicise.

  • Release all the shortlisted games to our judges, who will be gathering to further play-test and review at any one of a series of closed games events .They will then vote. Games that have made it into this stage of the awards will also receive a brief amount of feedback from the judges themselves.

  • Take ALL submitted games to UK Games Expo at the begining of June, where they will be both on display as submissions and will be available to demo to visitors, exhibitors and traders all weekend. Shortlisted games will be played and judged throughout the weekend, and at other major conventions, to help decide the UKGE Players Choice Award.

  • Winners will be announced and notified of their success in Autumn 2021.


Good To Know…

Remember - Schools, Parents and Educators, Games publishers and distributors and other organisations really value the work we do and equally value our recommendations for games to suit a wide range of needs, for education, for engagement, and most, importantly for fun!

These awards are wholly and solely supported by Imagination Gaming and our Games Club Network. No preferential treatment will be given under any circumstance and this process is not sponsored by any other company.

Our reputation matters and we really look forward to seeing your games building the audience they deserve!