Excelled in Schools Award

City of Zombies - IG Awards 2017

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Have you got the brains to survive?

The Aliens are invading and turning everyone in the City into Zombies! 

Team up with friends and family, choose your Heroes and ready your dice for the ultimate battle to survive the Zombie apocalypse!

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Number of players: 2-12
Recommended ages: 4-99

A cooperative version of the game Concept, adapted for the whole family to enjoy... a game entirely dedicated to the animal kingdom!

Get people to guess your favourite animals. Use the icons on the board to guess as many animals as possible and win together!

Concept Kids Animals is a cooperative version of the game Concept, adapted for children who dont yet know how to read... Read More

Created by: Bruno Faidutti , Created by: Alan Moon
Game duration: 20-40mins
Number of players: 3-8
Recommended ages: 8-99
Country of origin: France

Quest for riches in the ruins for up to 8 intrepid explorers

Incan Gold is a quick, fun game of bluff and daring in which explorers push their luck while exploring an old Incan temple in search of gold and treasure.

In each round, you decide whether to delve deeper into the temple, adding to your riches, or to escape with the share you’ve acquired so far. Every time an explorer... Read More
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Logic Cards Series - IG Awards 2017

Keep Your Brain Fit Thanks To The Best IQ Boosting Fun Logic Cards Set On The Market!

Brain Games has created an incomparable collection of logic cards that can be an extremely fun way to pass your leisure time while boosting your IQ at the same time!

Created by: Peter Burley
Game duration: 20-30mins
Number of players: 1-6
Recommended ages: 8-99
Country of origin: United Kingdom

This ‘Limited Edition’ of ‘Take it Easy’ is two games in one! - just flip the standard boards to find the daffodil board on the reverse! With four extra ‘wildcard’ tiles per player - choose the best values for the stripes!

Outscore your opponents by building continuous lines of colour across your board! Place a tile here, another one there, matching up the coloured pipes where you can.... Read More

Game duration: 20-30mins
Number of players: 2-8
Recommended ages: 8-99

The fast paced category word game that challenges players to think quickly!.

Think Words is a word association game, designed for the whole family to enjoy.

Choose a category card and press the timer to start. First player has 10 seconds to:

Say a word matching the category
Press the letter on the wheel that matches it
Press to reset the timer
Pass... Read More

Created by: Bill Payne
Game duration: 10-30mins
Number of players: 2-4
Recommended ages: 6-99
Country of origin: Canada


"Villa Paletti" is an unusual building game where the laws of statics are dictated by the way the pieces are put together. At the start of the game, columns are placed on the base and then the first of five asymmetrical plateaus is placed on top of these columns. Players then take turns to place one of their five columns on the top asymmetrical plateau.Whoever cannot... Read More

Zingo Series - IG Awards 2017

Zingo! - Bingo with a Zing

Zingo! brings fast-paced excitement and learning to the classic game of Bingo. Slide the Zinger to reveal picture tiles, make a match and fill your card to win.