Ig Awards 2022

Imagination Gaming Awards

What The Awards Are About
In 2022 we are proud to announce the 9th annual, international, Imagination Gaming Family & Education Games Awards!

This is when we, as providers of table-top game based services to education and the wider UK community, get together with a specialist panel to identify more tabletop games that are not only great fun, but crucial in helping to develop key life skills.

The competition receives entries from around the world from publishers and designers large and small. Every game submitted is taken to show at multiple gaming conventions around the UK including at the beginning of June, the biggest hobby gaming show of the year.

To discover everything you need to know about the categories, this years games and how to get involved, carry on down this page.

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The Categories
In total there are 10 categories in this years awards. As a whole, they aim to help game-loving families and educators identify games worth making a move for!

There are 6 individual categories into which any game new to Imagination Gaming since last years awards can be considered, regardless of when it was first published. Games will be evaluated by the IG team and allocated to the most suitable category. All games will be judged in the Players Choice and The BIGGY categories and all games submitted in previous awards will be eligible to be considered for the 2 awards, Excelled In Schools and Family Classic, as a game we have used and seen prove it’s worth over a period of time.

For general information on all the awards including which games are eligible, who judges them and how, click here...

If you would like to submit games for any of this years awards, read on to find out how!

To learn more about any individual award click on the category below.
Best Maths Game
Best Literacy Game
Best Cross Curriculum Game
Problem Solving Award
Young Einsteins Award
Best Family Game

Player's Choice Award
Best Imagination Gaming Game of the Year (BIGGY) Award
Excelled in Schools Award
Family Classic Award

This Year's Games

Here’s what it’s really all about - the games.

See them all as they appear here throughout the submissions period. This is your chance to learn more about them and where they come from as we discover what they are all about ourselves.

Here you will see the latest games as they are entered into the process. Click on them to find out more or
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When all the entrants to this years competition have been added you will be able to see which games have been submitted and shortlisted in this specific award category.
You will also be able to see the eventual winners of course... but all in good time!
Submitting Your Game
Are you a games designer, publisher or distributor with some great games to shout about?
Well here’s your chance… and because of COVID we've extended the deadline until the end of June 2021!

We are now accepting entries from all individuals and companies, large and small from all over the world. To give you an idea, last year that included submissions from over 20 different countries with successes from established companies and first time publishers alike.

As part of the awards process your games will not only get a platform on which to show off, but a place at UK Games Expo and the chance to win an invaluable Imagination Gaming Seal Of Approval.

Crucially we are always looking for new games to become part of the Imagination Gaming selection of games that we use and promote online, in schools and at events nationwide and sell in our amazing online games store.

The Panel
We are currently assembling an expert team of judges to give our shortlisted games a thorough "seeing-to"!

The panel will be playing and evaluating all the games considered for awards, and telling us exactly what they think.

As such, this year’s panel will be made up of a cross section of game players and educators who understand the Imagination Gaming approach to finding the "right" game that engages, excites and educates, looking for the perfect mix of clever gameplay, relevance and most importantly FUN.

The IG team will have something to say as well of course, but where the panel are involved - their decision will be completely independent… and final!
If you would like to be considered for a coveted place on this years panel, please contact us, telling us why you would like to be involved.

Past Winners

Now in it’s 9th year, the Imagination Gaming Family & Education Game Awards have already seen plenty of games.

Here you can find more information on previous winners and entrants, and look forward to seeing this years winners after they are announced in September 2021.

Click here to see past winners

Click here to see past entries
Last, But Not Least!

You may be interested to know that these awards and the selection process are not sponsored or influenced by any other companies or equally interested parties, and are wholly provided and supported by
Imagination Gaming.

We want you to know that the opinions and decisions we make are based on expert, industry leading, first-hand experience of using the games in the same environments you would want to use them in as well. We can guarantee we will not consider any game that we haven't tried, tested, played, used in the field and accepted as the kind of game Imagination Gaming use in our workshops and activities nationwide.

We think that's important stuff!

Finally, we look forward to telling you all about the games that cross our path throughout this process, and especially to announcing the eventual winners at the end of September!