I was immediately 'sold' then and remain so now

Andrew Ralph, Headteacher, Greenfield Primary. 20/01/2016

I first met Nigel after he blagged his way past the office staff to have a chat about using games as a vehicle to improve thinking skills, self esteem, engagement and attainment.  I expected the usual flannel and then the price tag. However, I was very surprised when he produced several of the games and explained them and within a couple of minutes we were playing one.  I was immediately 'sold' then and remain so now.

Imagination Gaming has worked with the school for the last several years providing gaming events at the school for classes, groups, after school parents events...even inter-school tournaments!  He is able to craft the sessions to suit a variety of school needs, for example a maths or English focus, but also does events based around problem solving in different contexts such as a science theme.  

The sessions are always very well received by the children and teachers because the games are quick and easy to engage with, yet present endless challenge and opportunities to explore deep thinking, strategy and tactics in a wide range of areas.  There are gains to be had for all children regardless of ability- this is not just one for G+T kids. The concentration, attitudes, social learning and collaborative skills are developed not to forget the positive effect on self esteem and learning to win and lose with good grace.

Nigel's expertise is clearly demonstrated in the way he adapts the games and makes ongoing adjustments and suggestions to the children while they play.  They learn well and think hard...all with smiles and 100% engagement! Recommended without reservation.



Andrew Ralph




Greenfield Primary