Games Day Programme in Year 1

Initially I think that many people were a little apprehensive in order to include Year 1 in the maths games. However I thought it would be good for them. It reinforces all the skills which were taught in the EYFS about turn taking, working together and problem solving.

My current Year ones are generally quite excitable with some very strong personalities who do clash. The children though are given a very clear, no nonsense run down of the rules each time and know if they didn’t follow them they would not be able to take part. The more games they learnt the more focused and the smaller the groups became. I think my year 1 children work better in a smaller group of 4, as that is how most the tables are now set up now. I chose the groups in mixed ability and this worked well.

I did learn more things about the children, especially how good some of their memories were and those that shone when faced with a competition. Emphasis put on working together, looking after the games and not just winning was excellent.

Overall an excellent experience which the children enjoyed and looked forward to every week.


Maria Lidgett




St. Theresa's Catholic Primary School, Sheffield