Engaging Potentially Very Difficult Young People

My role is to provide a link between the care staff and the education team who organizes and arranges all extracurricular activities for the residents to take part in.

The environment the young people reside is to provide a safe, caring yet controlled environment in which young people are enabled to address personal difficulties and so move on to make positive contributions to their family and communities.

Our core objective is to enable and encourage emotional, behavioral and attitudinal change. We aim to achieve this by working closely with carers and professionals in providing a range of individual educational and life experiences that equip the young person to fulfil their own potential, their community’s moral aspirations and society’s legal expectations.

The promotion of positive relationships is at the heart of what we do and everyone is given an equal opportunity to express their views, opinions and emotions through open and respectful communication.

Once again the ‘simple’ provision of a few board games has provided a full day’s activity for all participants.  I work with a group of potentially very difficult young people who find it very hard to engage in many activities. However when Chris or Nigel arrive with their own brand of enthusiasm and skills we see full participation and not just for short periods. It is a real pleasure to see the Xbox generation interact with each other in such a sustained, positive manner over a good old fashioned learning environment.

Thank you again for your ongoing provision.


Ian Fowler


Learning Co-ordinater


Aldine House Secure Children's Centre