Emmanuel Junior Academy Inter-School Tournament


Our latest IST, inter-school tournament was held last week at Emmanuel Junior Academy in Sheffield. The 3rd tournament in just 3 weeks, this was a chance for Year 6 students and a few Year 7 students to shine, after the success of the infant tournament held for schools in the same area just a week before.

We were ready for 8 teams of four students representing 4 different school, but this time, rather than competing for their own little team, everyones points went towards a school total for a little added spice... which team would be victorious today?!

An interview with Scott…

… Introducing Time Vault Soccer, the simple to learn football card game that lets you boss your own team of great, good and interesting soccer players from across the decades… it’s football with time machines, cards, shouting and possibly knee sliding.


Scott, creator of Time Vault Soccer tells us how the game works, gives us his best playing tip and explains how the game came about.