Reignhead Primary Inter-School Tournament

Today's Inter-School Tournament was for Y2 pupils and held at Reignhead Primary School, with 24 children from 3 different schools in the area. Next week, in the same area, will be an even bigger event with 5 schools each sending 2 key stage 2 teams to play... but that's next weeks story!

An interview with Scott…

… Introducing Time Vault Soccer, the simple to learn football card game that lets you boss your own team of great, good and interesting soccer players from across the decades… it’s football with time machines, cards, shouting and possibly knee sliding.


Scott, creator of Time Vault Soccer tells us how the game works, gives us his best playing tip and explains how the game came about.


Greenfield Primary 7th Inter-School Tournament Needs BIGGER Venue!

Greenfield Primary’s 7th Inter-School Games Tournament found a new location!

With so many Barnsley Schools wanting to take part we found ourselves in need of a bigger venue. An obvious choice was Kirkbalk Academy who very kindly agreed to act as host for the day. Not only did they provide a fantastic venue, we were also supported by 6 of their students and they made amazing mentors, so special thanks goes to: Dylan Atkinson, Lewis Graham, Emily Davey, Lewis Burrell, Cassie Wilson and Georgie-Leigh Marsden.

It was a fantastic day...

My First Airecon!

Well, obviously not Imagination Gaming's first Airecon... but here's a quick impression of this months event from one of the newer members of our growing team!

Take it away Jackie...

...How can I describe my first experience of working at Airecon? It was wonderful and tiring, it was fascinating and frustrating, it was mentally challenging but so much fun too. It was a unique experience!