Kirklees Inter-school Tournament at Rawthorpe Library

Yep, 2019 has only just begun and its time for more Inter-School Tournaments, with today's being the first of 3 in 10 days!!!

Today's games marathon wasn't held in a school, but at Rawthorpe Library in Kirklees. All part of our efforts not only to bring games to more communities and schools, but also to promote the libraries to schools, and demonstrate another good use for these centres of the community.


So 2017-18... another year has passed but what’s changed? Well, if we’re honest, quite a lot....


Where are we going?

Bag-A-Book Day 2018

Imagination Gaming had another scarily fun day for Sheffield City Council Fostering with Adele and her brilliant team at their annual Bag-A-Book day. The venue was the Sheffield Wednesday Football Ground and we had a wonderful view over the pitch from our games room in an executive suite. Everything looked terrifyingly good as Halloween decorations were put up and fun was prepared.  Imagination Gaming unboxed some more fantastic family games and we were off.