Puzzled About Learning? Problem Solved!

Problem solving is a key skill that we are asked to make interesting through games and puzzles every single day... and we use them in some way in all our school work. It's a brainy no-brainer!

They drive the ability to analyse a problem, pattern or puzzle, use the clues and rules at hand and apply them to find the answer, and also build on those basic premises to solve more complex challenges. We are quizzical by nature, and in turn puzzles unleash flexibility, confidence, and resilience, when faced with real life conundrums.

Showcase Series: Kids Table Board Gaming

Kids Table Board Gaming 

As part of our 'Showcase Series', we shall be highlighting games companies large and small with a few quick questions to discover more about their conception, evolution, inspirations and aspirations. From the largest multi-national companies to indie games makers and even individual new-comers, we're happy to shine a light on a variety of views of the gaming industry and experiences for those at all points on the gaming ladder!

Today - KTBG...


Tell us briefly the background of your company?

Maths Based Games That Count... and More!

Whether for games at school or at home, one of our most requested topics to support is Maths. So, we thought we'd pick out a few games to highlight a taste of things you can pick up from us to use at home and at school yourselves, or ask us to come in and help with.

We use a huge range of games based around logic, numeracy, shape, money, calculation etc. etc, all with fantastic themes for you to boost your engagement and attainment, below are a few classics and recent additions that prove popular and effective all the time.

Imagination Gaming Games of the Year 2020 Announced!

 The 2020 Imagination Gaming Award Winners have been announced and we have had so much fun discovering and playing the vast quantity of new titles. It seems year on year we have more and more entries, making the Gold Award and our coveted seal of approval even more prestigious.

Read on to discover some featured winners, discover the full list of winners in each category, and of course this years BIGGY!

Wellbeing within schools, how can WE help?

So right now there is an urgent demand and pressure on schools and families to take into account the wellbeing of not only their children but of themselves. (*edit - we can now offer Imagination Gaming sessions remotely... see here!)

With lockdown and the associated isolation the regular daily interaction we take for granted became a thing of the past. Families and children have spent even more time on screens and less time interacting with peers and friends.