Mathstraks Games

Lesley Higgins used to be a maths teacher, so you can see where her great ideas for games have come from. Focusing around basic maths skills each of her Mathstraks games allow younger players to master the skills necessary whilst having fun.

Wild Card Games

Making and distributing a range of games, Wildcard Games supply and produce games that are both fun and highly educational. Based in the UK they are now distributing the MJ range of games in addition to their own. The games are ideal for families that like a bit of a challenge!

Children's University Tournaments Arrive!

As I type we have just completed the first of three games tournament's as part of our on-going Games compendium project with Sheffield Children's University... and it was brilliant!

Today's event concentrated on Key Stage 2 pupils (7 - 11yr olds) from 10 schools across Sheffield, and in the coming weeks we have events for Key Stage 1 (5 - 7 yr olds) and Key Stage 3 (11 - 14 yr olds) pupils too!

IG Game Awards Launched

This week we have officially launched our 2015 Imagination Gaming Family & Education awards!

These awards are open to games from companies and individuals worldwide as we look to find the best of this years new games for families and education, as well as celebrate some of the 'classics' that we have been using to great effect in schools and events throughout the years.