Coiledspring Games

Coiledspring games are a distributor within the UK that over the last several years has amassed a terrific range of games suitable for the most ardent gamers or families. They are great supporters of Imagination Gaming and if you are a store looking to stock some premier family games we highly recommend you give them a call.

Bill Campbell

Hailing from Madagascar, Bill Campbell is a fascinating gentleman that we met several years ago at the UK Games Expo. With a mind that is constantly thinking of new game ideas he’s always asking for thoughts and feedback on his latest idea.


A Spanish based company, EDIgrafica, make those sorts of games you can just pick up and quickly play to put a smile on your face. With simple rules and clever game play its all about getting into the game. They are going to take you long to play but you’ll want to pick them up and try again very soon.

Surprised Stare Games

Having been established for many years, Surprised Stare, Tony Boydell & Alan Paul, have a range of games now that can appeal to most gamers. From the quick Fzzzt!, to the eye catching Totemo, through to their new game Ivor the Engine.

Mathstraks Games

Lesley Higgins used to be a maths teacher, so you can see where her great ideas for games have come from. Focusing around basic maths skills each of her Mathstraks games allow younger players to master the skills necessary whilst having fun.