St. Theresa's Inter-School Tournaments - Locality C

On Friday the 7th June, St.Theresa's Catholic Primary hosted the first of 2 separate Imagination Gaming Inter-school Tournaments in a week!

As a school that uses Imagination Gaming's team to deliver activities in the classroom every single week, they were keen to show the schools in their local communities what it was all about. What better way than inviting them for a bit of co-operative and competitive fun with a games tournament!

Imagination Gaming: Another Expo, another great year.

So another games expo, another fantastic event, another busy and long weekend.

Now that the dust has settled, we are able to judge how this year’s event went and we are able to look at how the expo has grown and evolved over the last several years. It always provides provides us with a great sense of pride as well as pleasure to see ever increasing numbers of familiar faces as well as hundreds of new faces coming along to the event and the family zone.

Stocksbridge Juniors/Locality G - Inter-School Games Tournament

On the 17th April we had the privilege of returning to Stocksbridge Junior School, following a series of dates at the start of the academic year where we worked with KS2 children. Our return visit was something that not only allowed us to work with Stocksbridge Junior School again, but also pupils from surrounding schools.  Schools from the Sheffield Locality G were invited to take part in an Inter-School Games Tournament. A fantastic alternative to the usual sporting activities and a great way to bring a Learning Community together.

Rossett Acre Primary win a Bright Sparks Day!

Airecon 2019 was another successful event for the Imagination Gaming Team. Our Family Zone was kept busy with lots of families attending and taking time to learn and play some incredible games.

Following on from 2018 we decided to run another School Tournament and this year we had the pleasure of meeting and working with 47 local school children, who along with their teachers took part in our competition and had lots of fun!

Summer Reading Challenge 2019 Announced!

The countdown has started... 5,4,3,2,1, BLAST OFF!!!

The annual Summer Reading Challenge has been launched into orbit,  and we've got some fantastic ideas lined up for libraries ... and schools too!

Previous years have seen a galaxy of themes that have been stellar for games, such as 'the Olympics', 'Animal Antics' and 'Mischief Makers'... but this year's theme has us flying to the moon and reaching for the stars!