WordStacker - Game Overview


Love words? So do we! This year's UK Games Expo introduced us to Ingenium Games; a company committed to designing and creating fun family games. WordStacker is a clever and easy to learn card game which involves stacking, extending and mixing up words in order to score points and win. The game is suitable for ages 10+ and for 2 to 6 players, but if you're a little younger, you don't need to miss out! We've tested the game out in schools with a variety of ages (we'll discuss this in a little while!) A game will last approximately 15-30 minutes; get ready to score, sabotage and win!

In the WordStacker game box, you'll find a selection of cards split into yellow Letter cards and blue Action cards. The Action cards can either score you points or sabotage your opponents! There are instructions on each card, so it's very simple to play an action and to follow the game. Be sure to think strategically in order to use them to your advantage!

It was great to see the children experimenting with new words and challenging themselves to be creative with letters.

- Good Toy Guide review

To set up the game, lay the correct number of Letter cards for the number of players in a grid. The words shown in the grid must be four letters long and these are the base words for the game, which you'll be able to stack on, extend and mix up. Six Letter cards and three Action cards are then dealt to each player and then the fun really begins! So...how do you play?

On your first turn, you can look at the cards you've been dealt and either keep them if you're happy with them, or change up to three Letter cards from the pack. Throughout the game, players take it in turns to do the following:

  • Play an Action card - players can use one or more Action cards on their turn and follow the instructions to gain points or make it difficult for the next player! A Score card is the only way to gain points and a Sabotage card makes it more difficult/stops your opponent from scoring!
  • Play a Letter card - even though doing this alone won't score you points, it can be done to change your hand or make it more difficult for your opponents, but bear in mind... it must be a real word!
  • You can always forfeit your turn; sometimes a completely new set of cards is the best and only option!

The lovely and thoughtful guys over at Ingenium Games have also created a series of How to Play videos which are extremely helpful and simple to follow; click here to watch!

The strategy element helped children who were not confident spellers use their tactics to outplay more linguistically able opponents.

- Good Toy Guide review

WordStacker is a brilliant tool for those who want to develop their skills in spelling and vocabulary. We've trailed the game in schools with children from a variety of ages; to include the younger ones in the game and to get them thinking about words, we took all Action cards out of the game and gave them the opportunity to make new words by adding a new letter at a time. The game encourages friendly competition (even cooperation!) and develops logic skills and strategy. A great one for families to enjoy together. Click here to see a great review of the game from the Good Toy Guide.

WordStacker is available in store and online. Click here to buy now!