Tell-A-Tale Pirate - Game Overview

Tell A Tale Pirate

Ahoy there, it’s story time! Introducing Tell-A-Tale Pirate, the fantastic pirate-themed, storytelling game! A Gold Award winner for Best Literacy Game in this years Imagination Gaming Family and Education Awards 2016, Tell-A-Tale Pirate has lots to offer and is simple to play at the same time. Brought to us by Cheatwell Games, this game is is perfect for ages 3 and up and can be enjoyed alone or with up to four players at a time. Those swashbuckling pirates, brave heroes and the odd animal companion need your help to tell their story! Will they embark on a perilous journey to find the buried treasure or will they meet some villains on an old abandoned ship wreck? How your story unfolds is up to you! In the Tell-A-Tale series, there are three different themes to choose from, including Farmyard and Fairytale! Arrr, we’ll be looking at the pirate version (if you couldn’t tell!)

The delightful game box, complete with age appropriate artwork, is definitely appealing. The contents inside the box include a wooden base and a 2-sided backdrop, so you can change the scene in your story. There are also 21 pirate play pieces and 4 dice. Each dice has different images of the pieces on each side apart from one, which has six different words.The game is very easy to pick up and is one with a world of possibilities! The players in the game firstly set up the stage; the 2 pieces of wooden base fit together like a jigsaw and the 2-sided backdrop slots into one of the spaces on it. Will you be looking out to sea or will your story be set on a ship? When this is set up, you can then begin! The first player rolls all four dice to see the characters, items and word they will be using for this part of the story. Pirate pieces can be slotted into the base and moved around which really makes your tale come to life. Now you can begin to tell your story! Players continue in this way throughout the game and can work together to create the most wonderful adventure! You are sure to have hours of fun with this one!

This game was a big hit at last years awards, and everyone was super impressed (myself definitely included!) It was also extremely popular at this year’s UK Games Expo in the Family Zone; children and families created some absolutely out of this world adventures for their characters, which was so refreshing to see. I remember sitting with a family with 2 young children at the event, and after explaining how the game worked, they were off! Parents couldn’t get a word in edgeways, but they were blown away with the vocabulary their children were using, and how quickly they picked up the game.

Tell-A-Tale Pirate is an outstanding game for Literacy skills and to improve verbalisation and vocabulary. It helps to develop creative thinking in children by them using their imagination to create stories from start to finish; including characters, using dice and different settings. It would be a perfect game to add to your collection, and a game which can be used in a Nursery setting and beyond! Players can be left to their own devices in order to think alone and build on their problem solving skills or team up with friends to share ideas and create the ultimate quest! Where will your story take you? A great game and a well deserved award winner!