Summer Reading Challenge 2018 - Mischief Makers

2018 Summer Reading Challenge - Mischief Makers        

Do you want to get up to some mischief this summer holiday?! Are you feeling those sneaky urges rising?!

Then why don’t you head down to your local library this summer and take part in their Mischief Makers summer challenge? Imagination Gaming will be there with a range of the craftiest, most devious, cunning and sneaky games you can imagine, where you’ll have to trick your opponents, bring out your bluffing skills and act like a real life Dennis the Menace as you challenge both yourself and your opponents in games of chance and skill.

We have so many games, from across the world, that will allow you to test all of these skills in the nicest, friendliest and fun way.

Here's a quick peek at some of the newest games below we have for you this year, such as Catch-A-Roo, Baffled, Shaperise and of course many, many more!


If there are any games or type of games you’d like us to bring then just drop us an email to or, better still, like us on Facebook and drop us a message on there?

Take a look on our What’s On page to find out when we will be near a library near you soon.

If we aren’t near your local library, have them get in touch with us on the email above and lets see what we can make happen!