Stocksbridge Juniors/Locality G - Inter-School Games Tournament

On the 17th April we had the privilege of returning to Stocksbridge Junior School, following a series of dates at the start of the academic year where we worked with KS2 children. Our return visit was something that not only allowed us to work with Stocksbridge Junior School again, but also pupils from surrounding schools.  Schools from the Sheffield Locality G were invited to take part in an Inter-School Games Tournament. A fantastic alternative to the usual sporting activities and a great way to bring a Learning Community together.

We saw 6 schools send a team to represent their school. The schools taking part were:

Wharncliffe Side, Deepcar St John’s, Shooters Grove, Nook Lane, Malin Bridge and of course our host Stocksbridge Junior.

After introductions, the morning was spent learning the games, we had:

Ubongo: A fast paced, easy to learn geometric puzzle game. A race against the timer and against each other to solve a puzzle of interlocking shapes.

Storyline “Scary Tales”: A beautifully illustrated card game where players work together to create a story with each player contributing characters, places, objects and events to the narrative. Will your villain be a Wicked Vampire or a Mad Scientist? Will their lair be in a Mysterious Swamp or a Haunted Chapel?

Zeus On the Loose: Catch Zeus if you can! Play cards strategically, adding numbers as you climb Mount Olympus. Grab Zeus when the total reaches a multiple of 10. Reach the magic 100 at the top of Mount Olympus with Zeus in hand and win.

Take It Easy: Place your pieces one at a time on the board. Try to form continuous rows of colour from edge to edge. But one wrong tile and the whole row is worthless. It gets harder as the number of empty spaces on your board, and your possible choices, diminish, since once a tile is placed, it can’t be moved!

Drop It: This fun strategic game has you dropping shapes into the vertical game board, earning points for the highest level that your shape reaches when it lands. Extra points are gained for touching bonus circles... But be careful: Don’t break a landing rule! The shape you dropped is not allowed to touch matching shapes or colours after it lands... if it does you score nothing!

Shaperise:  Each player has a set of 10 coloured blocks and races to recreate, from memory, a pattern shown on a card at one of three levels of difficulty. The first player to recreate the pattern correctly wins the card.

After lunch we split our school teams across the gaming tables and the competition started. As with all our activities the fun and enjoyment continued!

Malin Bridge came out on top returning to school with the “Best School Team” trophy. Congratulations! 

The top three schools on this occasion were:

1st – Malin Bridge Primary

2nd – Nook Lane Junior School

3rd – Shooters Grove Primary

The title of Best Individual Player was extremely close. The battle went down to the very last game with 1 point separating them. A massive round of applause to both boys, Matthew from Malin Bridge and Dylan from Wharncliffe Side.

It was Matthew on this occasion that took first place and went home with his very own shiny winner’s trophy. Well done young man! In fact, well done to everyone involved, all the children worked really hard and should be super proud of themselves.

We had some lovely feedback on the day. Mr Gaughan Headteacher at Wharncliffe Side said,

 “What a fantastic way to challenge and motivate the children. The games were fun, age appropriate and encouraged teamwork and strategic thinking. The day was very well organised too!”

Emma Russell Year 5 Teacher at Shooters Grove said,

 “I felt it was a fantastic day for the children involved. It was a great chance for children to compete in something different to sports. The games we played were all brilliant and we would love to continue playing them back at school.”

No one left Stocksbridge Juniors empty handed. Every pupil returned to school with an Imagination Gaming Certificate and a huge smile on their face.

Massive thank you to Stocksbridge Junior School for welcoming us and accommodating us in style. A stunning school that put on the VIP treatment (we had sweets and refreshments) such a treat.

 We cannot wait for Locality G Tournament number 2!


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