St. Mary Academy Trust Inter-school Tournament

Last week we had a Trust Inter-school Tournament, generously hosted for the fourth year running by Royston St John's C of E Primary School.

All 7 SMAT Schools took part in their annual competition where we saw some very creative and clever gaming. Last year's winners Royston St. John's were keen to retain their title but did they succeed? 

After introductions, the morning was spent learning the games, we had Doodle Rush which gave everyone a chance to show their speedy arty sides, City of Zombies which challenged everyone's maths survival skills, Whoosh! which involved some super quick, memory boosting monster catching and Katamino which colourfully engaged the children's spatial awareness skills.

After lunch we split our school teams across the gaming tables and the competition started, the fun and smiles continued.

The results were as follows.... drum roll:

1st - Royston St. John's

2nd - West Meadows

3rd - St. Mary's

4th - Queen's Road Academy

5th - All Saints Academy

6th - Darton Primary

7th - The Mill Academy

The home team, Royston St John came out on top, retaining their title and winning the Best School Team trophy!

There was a very exciting Katamino battle for the Best Individual Player. Involving a pupil from All Saints Academy and a pupil from Royston St John, well done to both boys!

Well done to everyone, all the children worked really hard and we saw some lovely sportsmanship. Everyone should be super proud of themselves.

A great time was had by all, Mr Spencer Head Teacher at St Mary's Academy made our day by handing out the certificates and trophies. What a wonderful way to end a fantastic fun learning day!

We cannot wait for tournament number 5!


Why should you take part in an Imagination Gaming Tournament?

  • Our Tournaments are a great way of bringing different schools and backgrounds together.
  • Test your brains to problem solve and be the quickest!
  • Make new friends and take on new challenges.
  • Win trophies and certificates for you and your school!

For more information about School Tournaments and how you and your school can get involved, click here