Showcase Series: CircleTales


As part of our 'Showcase Series', we are highlighting games companies large and small with a few quick questions to discover more about their conception, evolution, inspirations and aspirations. From the largest multi-national companies to indie games makers and even individual new-comers, we're happy to shine a light on a variety of views of the gaming industry and experiences for those at all points on the gaming ladder!

Today - ... CircleTales, with their first game in the 2021 Imagination Gaming Games of the Years awards...


Tell us briefly the background of your company?

We are Annie and Herman, creators of CircleTales the Adventure Storytelling Game. As an artist-designer duo, we are committed to creating meaningful design-based educational products that we hope will inspire positive, intergenerational connection and play.

CircleTales is loosely based on a campfire game that Annie played with her family as a child, and prompted by our realisation that collaborative games are guaranteed to ensure no-tears family fun!

Thanks to some amazing backers we successfully funded CircleTales on Kickstarter, and released the game in June of 2020. CircleTales was created with lots of input from our daughter Lilly, who was 12 when we started developing the game. She is a fantastic storyteller and has become our trusted creative critic.


What inspires you to make games and do you have any rules when making games?

In creating CircleTales, it was important to us that every player, no matter their age, has a chance to shine and contribute their personal voice to the game. We also wanted players to create unique and powerful characters, guided by the game’s prompts, to generate totally original stories.

We spent a lot of time developing the game mechanic for CircleTales and hit on the idea of the circular design of the bamboo board, ensuring that the story would naturally come full circle. 

In the early stages of developing CircleTales, we agreed that there are no bad ideas, so we generated tons of strange and wonderful possibilities that we eventually put to one side, but which may very well show up in some of our upcoming games!


What do you have coming up and out in the future?

We are currently developing a visual story game for young children and an art-inspired game for teens and adults. We are also creating a travel card set based on CircleTales.

Submitted by Annie and Herman, CiircleTales



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