Our Top 5 Spookily Fun Games for Halloween

It’s that time of year again! While some of you may be making plans to wander out into the darkness and frighten the living daylights out of your neighbours, we know that a lot of you would just be happy playing something spooky. Well guess what?! We've put together a list of our Top 5 Spookily Fun Halloween Games for your convenience. Read on if you dare…

1. City of Zombies/Times Square

City of Zombies has been one of our favourites for years and as well as it being used an awful lot by us, this game is the perfect addition to your Halloween evening! This game and it’s expansion, Times Square, are brilliant maths games with a frightening Zombie theme. A horde of Zombies have attacked and only the quickest mathematicians will survive. Take out each Zombie at a time by using different maths strategies and special items, but beware… the longer you wait, the more Zombies will appear!

Times Square works in a similar way, but really helps you to brush up on your times tables. It won a Bronze Award for Best Maths Game in the Imagination Gaming Family and Education Awards a couple of years ago and is a popular one - however, a zombie is something I wouldn't want to meet on a dark night...

2. Spooky Stairs

Well, this one is supposed to be a spooky one with stalking ghosts following your every move (sometimes eating you alive!) but the figures in the game are just too cute! Spooky Stairs (or it’s German name, Geistertreppe) is a fun and simple game to test your memory. A family of ghosts live at the top of the stairs, yet a group of brave children think they can make it there and tell the tale. However, it is very likely that they will eventually be consumed by a ghost... and you being the player must remember where your piece is!

There is a cool magnetic piece on the top of these courageous so-and-so’s, and another inside the ghost. Your playing piece will disappear and you’ll need to remember where it is for the rest of the game! Who will be the winner? 

3. Creature College

This one is full of weird and wonderful creatures which are pretty impressive to look at, only there's just one catch...you have to battle them! In Creature College, you take the place of a super brainy kid acquiring and battling with incredible creatures to win the prodigious Creature College Cup. Bid for your creatures, develop your research lab, fight epic battles and complete your secret mission to twart your enemies and be victorious!

We really liked some of the creative names for some of these creatures, from Briney Hydrosnuffles to Kevin the Giga Pig! Being a Silver Family Award Winner this year, it's a definite favourite to have for your spooky night in.

4. Ghostel

This one is probably the most suited Halloween game around! In Ghostel, you prey on the phobias of guests by turning into their worst nightmares. You work alongside other ghosts to combine forces and scare away the hardiest of hotel patrons to earn upgrades and get even scarier! The game involves using maths to combine dice scores and multipliers to beat the humans and face-off against other ghosts. You can use special power ups to make your scare value higher or even make other ghosts less scary! 

Another winner in this year's Awards with a Silver Family Award, Ghostel is as involving as it is scary. Put on your best ghost impressions for this one!

5. Mysterious Forest

After going through a magical painting, Jonas enters a fantasy world! However, between you and me, it's not the most easy of journeys...You'll have to help him cross the Mysterious Forest and face the frightening Queen of the Draconias. The game is played in three phases and you must put your memories to the test to make make sure Jonas has all the correct equipment he needs for his journey.

A great game for memory and observation skill, Mysterious Forest was also a Gold Family Award winner in this year's awards. I wonder who he meets along the way this Halloween...

Which games will you be playing this Halloween, and how does it compare with our list? Let us know!