North and South Games

We first came across North and South Game’s at UK Games Expo a few years ago now when he was exhibiting the first version of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Bang!
Having introduced himself to Nigel he invited me and my then 10 yr old son to give it a go and subsequently gave us a copy to try at Imagination Gaming events. It proved popular as a tactical variation on a familiar theme that everyone knew, which therefore made it particularly useful with the many people we encounter who have never given these types of game a go.

Dave Cousins, the man behind it all, describes himself as a father of two, house­husband and game designer/publisher, who publishes his own designs and also licences them to other publishers, trying to make this his sole profession.He has a deep passion about games, both digital and analogue but prefers to sit down and play a boardgame with friends and family over zapping things on a computer or console.
North & South Games mission is to get more people (but especially families) playing (better) games together. That means progressing from simple roll and move games onto more interesting and challenging board and card games of all kinds.
As such they are entering Terrain (soon to have an expansion) and Safebreaker into this years Imagination Gaming Family and Education Awards. I personally have been playing terrain on and off for a while and love the idea, and considering the traditional style and very tactical mechanic it was great to recently get a group of eight year olds playing it constantly on repeat! 
Safebreaker is on it’s way and I look forward to playing it soon and seeing what the judges think. 
You can try them both, all this years awards games and many more at UK Games Expo with us in the Family Zone next month too!
North and South Games have three games out currently, two more this year to be published in the summer and a third to be released in the Autumn.


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