New from HOT Sports and Toys

We had a great time at this year's UK Games Expo and met loads of our friends at a variety of companies, new and old! We met the team at HOT Sports and games and had a demonstration of some of their range, including Qango and Virus! Here's a bit more info about these games, which we have available to play!


Qango is an abstract, strategic boardgame for 2 players that plays quickly and can be explained very quickly! Players place their discs on a square multicolored board and try to either get 3 of their discs in one group of the same colour, 4 discs in a square shape, or 5 discs in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row to immediately win the game. Players place one disc at a time and aren't limited in how to place the disc after the first move. The game includes 2 boards: a beginner board with 6x6 squares and an advanced board with 7x7 squares to really up you game!


Gang-Up! is a criminally fun cardgame. Your aim is to try it out as a criminal to gain the highest possible status. Sometimes together, sometimes by arresting the other players! How will you get on? This one is suitable for 3 to 5 players.