Maths Based Games That Count... and More!

Whether for games at school or at home, one of our most requested topics to support is Maths. So, we thought we'd pick out a few games to highlight a taste of things you can pick up from us to use at home and at school yourselves, or ask us to come in and help with.

We use a huge range of games based around logic, numeracy, shape, money, calculation etc. etc, all with fantastic themes for you to boost your engagement and attainment, below are a few classics and recent additions that prove popular and effective all the time.

Each has a short a description to give you a feel for the game, an idea of how it plays and a link to check it out in our store!

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Shape based puzzle that challenges logic and perseverance, visually gorgeous and wonderfully tactile. Great for absolutely all ages, even pre-school, but be warned, absolutely addictive and challenging for everyone!

This is intrinsically a one player puzzle, but as with all puzzles they can be a fantastic way to work on teamwork, sharing and decision skills. The aim is simple, choose a row in the seemingly never-ending challenge book and use the first few pieces shown to complete a rectangle on the board. When you figure it out, it will tell you which piece to add next to complete the next level - a slightly larger rectangle. With an incredible amount of puzzles to complete, and brilliantly simple 2-player game to try as well this is possibly the most addictive thing we have used and is still unerringly popular 10 years on!... And now there's a 2-player family version too!

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Zeus On The Loose

Themed on the ancient Greece, with number cards and cool cartoon Gods and Goddesses and a miniature Zeus, this game develops and supports number bonds and addition to 100... as well as dealing with a constantly swapping winner!

A typically styled card game, hold a hand of 4 cards, play one every turn and replace so you always have 4. Every card played goes on top of the last in a pile in the middle, 'Mt. Olympus'. Each player adds their number on and declares the new total. If you make it a multiple of 10..... '10', '20', '30' etc. ... then you steal Zeus, while 'God' cards can do this and much more too. The winner is the player who has Zeus when Mt. Olympus reaches 100! Just brilliant.

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City Of Zombies

A cooperative maths puzzler, the artwork on this fantastic game draws all children in, when they cotton on it's all maths, it'll be too late!.... We use this from age 7 and above.

With a big board and a deck of cool cartoon zombie cards, this looks awesome. Zombies start on the outskirts of town and each player / team roles 3 dice aiming to use the numbers to form a sum exactly matching the health of one or more of the oncoming horde. When all players have 'attacked', remaining zombies advance and new ones appear in a never-ending onslaught against the survivors you are protecting in the barn. Can your team keep the undead at bay,  until the rescue plane arrives?! This game is the sum of all evil!!!

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Take It Easy

Up to 6 players/teams or an addictive solo challenge, Take It Easy is a visual puzzler for all ages, and a superb support to a bit of multiplication and addition! We've run classes and events with competitors plying from 7 and up, but even younger can enjoy by simply matching the colours!

Everyone gets a hexagonal board with space for 19 of a possible 27 hexagonal tiles. A 'lead' player randomly picks one of their 27, which each other player finds from their set, and everyone places on their own board. The lead player continues to select and call out subsequent tiles for everyone to use until they have filled their boards in their own unique way. For every line containing only the same colour from one end to the other, that player scores the numbers in the line. E.G. a line of 6's that is 5 tiles long, will score 6 x 5 = 30. Total points are added for each line completed for a total score which can be compared with all the other players. This is one of those games that 'just works', you can play against others or just test yourself, and both young and old find incredibly addictive!

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Mathical Creatures / Monster Maths / Fairy Tables


Small games that pack a big punch for young number crunchers! All can be played competitively, but great to play in teams or work together to support and develop the basic maths involved...

Monster Maths is aimed at 5+ and concentrates on using simple number cards to create simple sums to match target numbers of 10, 25, 50 and 100. Match one of these numbers and collect a body part, collect all 4 to make your own unique monster and win the game. See more and get yours here...


Mathical Creatures takes it a step further and is best suited for 7+. Each player/team uses a selection of the number cards in their hand to create a sum that matches one of the 'Mathical Creatures' numbers, in the centre of the table. Each time they collect one, it is replaced with another, as are the number cards in their hand. You can capture creatures with values ranging up to 48, and set a total points target to get to. We've taken this a step further and found ways to battle the creatures you catch for even more strategy and fun! See more and get yours here...


Fairy Tables concentrates on multiplication. 3 'Story' cards are placed in the middle of the table, each with a number from 1 to 10, these being the times-tables in play. Each player has a selection of fairytale characters in their hands each with a number on it. Players take turns to place a character in a story where that character is unique and its number is within the times table of the story. For example a dragon with 30 on it could be placed in either the 3, 5, 6 or even 10 story... as long as there's no other Dragon's there already. 4 characters complete a story, and a new one is begun. More special cards make it more fun and tactical, and first to get rid of all their cards wins! This game can be used to concentrate on specific times tables, with more added as you progress! See more and get yours here...




A cooperative card game this one, ideally from about age 8 up we'd say. With a variety of difficulty settings, can you play cards from your own hand to help make the communal cards satisfy a number of different goals?!

Each player gets a hand of 4 cards, reach numbered 1 to 7 and each in 1 of 4 colours. 4 more start face up in the centre of the table, the starting cards of 4 piles to be played on throughout the game, while the rest of the numbers form a communal deck. There's also a load of 'goal' cards, depending on the difficulty and number of players a set number of these are placed in another pile from which 4 are then placed face up.

Players then take turns playing 1 card from their hands onto one of the 4 piles, without conferring with other players, and refills their hand from the number deck. As soon as the 4 top cards satisfy one of the 4 goals on the table, that goal is completed and replaced by a new one from the pile.

Aim of the game is simply to complete all the goals before all number cards have been played. With goals such as "make all cards total 'x' ", or "sum of green match sum of purple", this is a clever little cooperative card game that you can make as easy or hard as suits the team!

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The games above are the tip of the iceberg... there's an ever evolving range of new and exciting games in this area. You can see more using the links below, and feel free to contact us about anything you see here and beyond !


See ALL the games we use to support and develop maths and logic here ... OR ... our full range of games here!

REMEMBER, we have discounts on orders over £50, £100 and £200... and free delivery over £15 too!