Library Sessions with Imagination Gaming

Libraries are an amazing source, not just for us adults, but definitely for the kids too. They give children an endless source of information, they teach responsibility and of course, they encourage more reading! So why do we bring the wonders of games into libraries?

We love the idea of encouraging people to walk through those library doors, and by running sessions in places such as this, we're definitely taking the first step! We look to run events and activities that encourage children and families (young and old!) to come down and have an enticing an positive experience of their local library, as well as providing exciting activities and helping to connect communities together.

I want to attend a library session! What can I expect from Imagination Gaming?

We have been a part of a number of Library events and each one is very popular. Here are a couple of favourites!

Free Library Gaming Sessions

We run a number of sessions regularly in many Libraries around the area. The idea of these sessions is that you can walk in, sit down and play a game completely free of charge. Again, getting children back through those library doors as well as giving something different and challenging to people of all ages. We specialise in finding and creating games that are intriguing and exciting at the same time, and that are challenging to all ages and abilities. 

Summer Reading Challenge

The Summer Reading Challenge is an annual event dedicated to encouraging children, particularly 4 - 11 year olds, to continue reading throughout the summer holidays. Every year there is a new theme, with recent years focusing on Space, the Olympics, Dinosaurs and Animals! Each one has a large suggested reading list of associated books to complement the topic, and specially chosen as content to particularly excite and intrigue. In order to fit in with the theme, we provide games sessions and activities to support the theme and join in on the fun!

I am an employee at/involved with my local Library. What can you offer us?

Our activities are a perfect fit for Libraries. We can demonstrate a range of tabletop games and ideas for venues large and small that your current visitors will love – and that will also attract lots of new ones. We regularly see the same faces returning for more, each time bringing new friends. Word spreads and very quickly we are inundated with players eager to see what we have for them, and looking forward to what we will have next time.

We specialise in finding and creating games that are intriguing and exciting at the same time, and that are challenging to all ages and abilities. We can provide you with something that bridges generational gaps and will have old and young members of your community enjoying working and playing together.

Keep track of any new Library dates we add, here. As soon as we have them, we will update the page so you can put a visit to your library in your diaries!

If you're interested in booking a Library session with us or you simply want more information, then please get in touch!

Contact Nigel Scarfe or Chris Standley at or on the following numbers:

Nigel: 07957 611243

Chris: 07957 449572