Jane Tomlinson's Run 4 All Events, The Asda Foundation Family Fun Zone!


What's it all about?

This year, as part of the Asda sponsored Family Fun Zone, Imagination Gaming are featuring with Breeze Leeds activities at several of Jane Tomlinson Run 4 All events.

Imagination Gaming will be bringing our unique brand of family tabletop games and activities for everyone to have a go at, including a story writing challenge at each of the following events:

  • Nottingham 10k - May 15th 2016
  • Leeds 10k  - July 10th 2016
  • York 10k -  August 7th 2016

You can see the full schedule of events at http://www.runforall.com/ , and find out a bit more about the events once they're done below!


Nottingham 10K - May 15th 2016

Last weekend we set up at the inaugural Nottingham 10K event in the glorious sunshine, we can only hope every event starts like this!

The Asda Foundation Family Fun Zone, featured several activities, all under one big marquee as part of the main event, smack in the city centre. Only yards from the start and finish line the place was bustling with runners, supporters and spectators, all ready to enjoy the festivities.

We took along a variety of modern board and card games suitable for just about every age and taste, with the key being to get all generations playing and having fun together. We also brought along our Rory's Story Cubes themed challenge to appeal to those of an even more creative nature.

Here's a few of the games that have proved popular so far!


Puzzles galore!

Puzzles are ALWAYS very popular, The Katamino shape builder is one of our favourites, but our only copy of a little known challenge called Colour Magic sent to us as part of last years Imagination Gaming Awards was proving intriguing... and frustratingly addictive too!


Of all the games that were played in Nottingham one stood out for particular reason - Brave Rats....

Brave Rats is a 2-player game with only 16 cards in total. Will your 8 rats beat your opponents?!

We hate stereo-typing, but there was one 'typically reluctant' young man, who was only there because he 'had' to be and was 'dragged' along by his family! Not unusual, but seeing his Mum's exasperation we managed to convince him to sit down and give something a go... I'm afraid we do that!

What followed was complete, unadulterated concentration on his part, even laughing his head off every time I beat him at Brave Rats... but that didn't last long. He quickly realised it wasn't as simple as it looked and that to succeed it took not only though on what he had to do and strategy, but also to study what I was doing.

When he did that I was doomed, he was elated and his Mum was overjoyed. I think we were still sat playing on the only table left in the square, long after the marquee had disappeared from over-head!


And what about the Story Challenge...

We used one of our favourite games, Rory's story Cubes, to invite a little bit of creative story telling too.

The challenge is to roll 9 dice showing various characters, objects and ideas, to find 9 random things to fit into your tale. The real trick is fitting them in quickly., We only let you use less than 1 side of paper to get your story told, making for hilarious outcomes.

We'll be featuring a few of these stories here soon, and look forward to what we get at the next events!



Leeds 10k  - July 10th 2016

York 10k -  August 7th 2016


Find out more about Breeze Leeds here http://www.breezeleeds.org/

Find out more about the Asda Foundation here https://www.asdafoundation.org/