An interview with Scott…

… Introducing Time Vault Soccer, the simple to learn football card game that lets you boss your own team of great, good and interesting soccer players from across the decades… it’s football with time machines, cards, shouting and possibly knee sliding.


Scott, creator of Time Vault Soccer tells us how the game works, gives us his best playing tip and explains how the game came about.


  1. What does the Game involve?

    Having fun, outmanoeuvring your opponent in a soccer themed game that celebrates the great, the good and the interesting players from decades past… hence the time machine!

  2. What skills can you build /gain from the game?

    Time Vault Soccer  is a simple game that has real depth . Social interaction is high as you pick your squads, discuss players and then combine them into attacking and defending moves. Basic numeracy is required, in a wholly natural way, to calculate move strengths but the real magic of the game is the gameplay. Gameplay encourages creative thinking to plan ahead to use rule bending special skills that let you form your own unique combinations or move cards around.

  3. What’s your favourite tactic or are there any tricks you can teach us?

    The secret of Time Vault Soccer is being able to read the person you are playing. Like real football both players reveal their teams before Kick Off, but the order the players come up in is, mostly,  random. Can you see if your opponent gets excited when he’s drawn a goalkeeper or a star striker? The opposite is also true, can you make your opponent think that you have your goalkeeper or star striker when you don’t? Mastering this aspect will give you a big advantage.

  4. Do you have any funny/ heartwarming stories about a game of Time Vault Soccer.

    Time Vault Soccer came about as a way of entertaining a group of 8 year olds at a Birthday party.  A party that nearly got hijacked by the parents who started playing the game. One of these parents was a Maths teacher from a local Upper School who asked for some copies of the game for her class. Two weeks later I received 42 hand written letters from her pupils thanking me for the “best double Maths lesson ever”… These 42 letters remain amongst my most treasured items.

    The Company…

  5. Give us a bit of an insight to your company. How long have you been producing/distributing/ designing games?

    Time Vault Soccer started off as Football Resurrection in 2007 as a fantasy world football game. Although I parted with the rights for the game for a few years I re-aquired them in 2016 to redevelop with real football players.  The game is too much fun for me to give up.

  6. What or Who inspired your gaming journey and why?

    I’d like to have a clever answer to this but the truth is I grew up with great group of friends who just naturally invented our own games or tweaked the rules of existing ones. Some tweaks were epic re-writes of games we didn’t get on with like Willow – we spent a whole summer rewriting the whole rule book, through to Galleon  - instead of the wind blowing your ship off course for two squares your opponent got to flick your boat, fully laden with booty, as hard as they could across the room. That sense of mischief with games is still with us today. If the fun comes first then other benefits occur naturally.

  7. What games do you have available for us to play today?

    Time Vault Soccer “Debut” the 60’s vs 70’s and the 50’s and 80’s expansions are on Kickstarter until 22nd May 2018 and will be available from our web shop ( thereafter.

  8. How did you get the ideas for your game?

    Mostly from wanting to make a gaming experience more fun. I have two kids and seeing them come to the table to play all excited only to be bored witless within 5 mins is a parenting fail for me. For Time Vault Soccer the popular football card games looked nice but offered no play experience. If I don’t hear my kids engaging, discussing, laughing or even sulking then the game needs enhancing or re-inventing.

  9. Which games do YOU play and which is your all time favourite?

    Like music and films it depends on my mood and situation. One that, as a family we have revisited many times is Labyrinth by Ravensburger, it’s not part of the “in crowd” but it’s such a simple, elegant game to play as a family. The most I’ve laughed playing a game recently was playing a version of Fuzzy Duck with grandparents, parents, kids and grandkids which led to a hard fought final between a 70 something Grandma and her 11 year old Granddaughter. Youth won the day ☺.

  10. What can we expect from you in the future?

    More expansions for Time Vault Soccer are already underway which will introduce players from additional decades as well as expand existing ones. We really want to get this game settled in before we look at other themes.

  11. Any words of wisdom/advice to old/new gamers?

    I’m not certain I’m a gamer so am naturally cautious about offering up advice in areas where others know more. I have however been around the business block a few times and I would urge anyone with a gaming idea to look at self-publishing. No one will be as passionate about your game as you and if you are prepared to be patient it’s not as hard to self-publish as some would lead you to think.