An Interview With... Michael Salmon - IT Games

An Interview With... Michael Salmon - IT Games

Discovered at last year's UK Games Expo, the KIX football card game blew us away in its similarities to an actual game of football! It's a simple game to pick up, yet the more advanced gamers will be more than happy with the amount of strategy and thought that's involved. We were delighted when KIX creator Michael Salmon from IT Games spoke to us about the game and told us a little bit more about himself and his influences!

1. Give us a bit of an insight to your company. How long have you been producing/designing games?

IT Games is only a year old and KIX is the first title it's launched. KIX has been in development for nearly 10 years; tested and tested again and re-designed so many times to what we have today.

2. What or who inspired you to start your gaming journey and why?

I've always loved playing games and have always been annoyed if rules didn't work brilliantly in classic games. I would often tweak the rules and try different things to try to improve the game! Most of all, I love games of skill with less luck involved so that it becomes a fairer contest that you can be genuinely competitive with. Basically, I love competing and winning where I can do so fairly.

3. What games do you have available for us to play today?

KIX is the only game available to play. A fast paced end-to-end football card game.

4. How did you get the ideas for your games?

For KIX I had a friend who loved football and we were bored and decided to invent a football card game. I then decided to take it on and develop it more, making it flow and feel like a game of football which is inherently competitive. To do this, I wanted to make sure it didn't rely on luck, but skill and trickery, yet it is still really simple to play. I think I've created a game mechanic that does this well.

5. What games do you play and which game is your all time favourite?

Chess is the game I'd most like to have invented. It's so simple yet so complex with endless ways it can turn out. A real competitive battle of minds that is very reminiscent of a sport in the contest that it creates. I also love some of the new collaborative and tactical boardgames like Settlers or Ticket To Ride.

6. What can we expect to see from you in the future?

I have an almost ready prototype for a cricket game that I'm really enjoying playing and testing right now, and hope to launch soon. It's a little geeky, yes, but simple, tactical and fun with all the tension of tight run chases and lots of bluffing dynamic in the gameplay. Other sporting games are on the cards (excuse the pun) and maybe an off the wall board game too.

7. And finally...any words of wisdom/advice to new and old gamers?

For old timers, if a game is getting a bit dull, then change the rules to freshen it up. Think about bringing in a limitation somewhere or develop an undeveloped possibility that fits the context. For those new to games, start with the simpler games that are a few years old and are universally enjoyed; if you like them you can up the complexity as much as you like.

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