Imagination Gaming Awards 2016: Best Maths Game

2016 was a great one for the Imagination Gaming awards, resulting in a fantastic outcome in different categories across the board! Over the next few weeks, we will be investigating the ins and outs of each of our categories, including bronze, silver and gold winners. We gathered a fantastic team of educators, gamers and parents who tested out the games for themselves and scored them on everything from looks to gameplay. We had a great mix of reviews and because of this, we are now able to give you our most up to date list of the best games in a number of categories. This week, we will be sharing with you our winners of the Best Maths Games.

The Imagination Gaming Family and Education Game Awards 2016


Best Maths Game


Gold Award: Logic Cards

Silver Award: Code Master

Bronze Award: City of Zombies: Times Square

Numeracy is an essential skill, and incorporating this early on in development can introduce a world of possibilities. There are many games available today that are great for building these skills and we have tried and tested so many for the game awards. We have now awarded three different games the bronze, silver and gold award for the Best Numeracy Games available, so what are we waiting for? Let’s take a look!

Gold Award: Logic Cards

By being a Gold Award winner, we really were certain about this one; a collection of the most mind boggling problems that will really get those cogs turning! There are 4 different sets of logic cards for different abilities which are designed to really get you thinking. Each card has a difficulty rating, so why not start at a comfortable level and work your way through, making it harder and harder each time? Challenge yourself and increase your brainpower!

Logic Cards are fantastic to use in schools. The various difficulty rating makes is really easy to find a suitable challenge for any year group and would be beneficial to use in a Numeracy activity. We also love how family friendly the cards are; really compact and great for testing your family members or children. The cards provide hours of fun, enabling you to improve your mathematical and logical knowledge in an uplifting way!

Our minds were really put to the test when we looked at this game from Brain Games, and we loved how many challenges we faced. Questions about time, shape and number got us thinking. We loved how simple the cards were to use and we thought they really worked well for different age groups. We found quite a few cards that even made us stop and think, and we were all adults! 

Another great feature of the Logic Cards is that each card can be used through an App; Logic Cards augmented reality! Simply download the App using the AppStore or through GooglePlay and see animated solutions to the cards you have tried! Did you solve the puzzle correctly? We think this is a very clever way to see the different solutions. Gold Award is definitely deserved for this one!

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Silver Award: Code Master

Being a Silver Award winner, Code Master really doesn't disappoint for it's unique gameplay! Ever wanted to have a taste of programming? Well, this is a definite fun way to do just that. Being a single player game, Code Master is that little bit different to others. It requires you to navigate your Avatar around the map, but only a certain sequence will bring you success and lead you to the end portal. Don't forget to collect all the crystals along the way!

Code Master is a great example of a game that introduces concepts of programming and logic puzzling for KS2 and upwards (including adults, of course!) It's a fantastic solo game/puzzle that can cater for a range of abilities, from those that may struggle with these concepts to those that really excel. Another brilliant release from ThinkFun!

Our panel of judges tested this game and thought it really was something else. We loved the challenge of problem solving and sequential reasoning; some of the judges had never been quiet for so long! It really enabled us to think, and all these reasons combined was why we gave Code Master the Silver award.

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Bronze Award: City of Zombies: Times Square  

Bronze Award was given to this fantastic number game from ThinkNoodle, bringing Zombies into the world of Maths! This great release can be enjoyed on its own or as an expansion to the already hugely successful City of Zombies; the ultimate mathematical challenge! Use the dice given to add, subract, multiply or divide in order to take out Zombies. Multiplication skills are sure to improve, with the game covering times tables to 12 and beyond!

Times Square encourages players to use different operations to win the game. Children can team up together and co-operatively play to practice and learn their times tables. It's great for children who find multiplication difficult and also for those who simply love maths and numbers! Children in KS2 and up will benefit greatly from this new addition.

Our team gave Times Square a Bronze award overall; we loved how we could play the game on it's own or with the original City of Zombies game, giving an even greater experience. The game is fantastic for Numeracy in schools and can be enjoyed as a family game to boost those well needed skills!

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